This Week

In Food:

I made apple pie overnight oats. I actually thought the proportions of this recipe were off — too many apples and not enough oatmeal? — but boy does it feel good to eat fall-forward things, like apples and cinnamon 🥰

And speaking of fall, it’s comfort food time! Burger steaks and potatoes for all!

We made cod with grilled asparagus and even though I was worried Dempsey would have a hard time eating the asparagus, he just destroyed them all. So proud!

In Dempsey News:

He got to see all his grandparents and BOTH sets of great grandparents this week! Held Grandpa’s finger on Monday, sat on Great Grandpa Dave’s lap for Tuesday lunch and had breakfast out with the Great Grandparents Thoutt on Wednesday. What a lucky boy!

Hannah passed along her 6-9 and 9 month clothes and there was a pair of baby jeans in there! I was super excited to put Demps in them and then they were already tight. Glad we got one wear in 😍

We are practicing crawling up the stairs! Simultaneously exciting and terrifying 😬

We had a mommy-son date to the Botanic Gardens. My mom and I took him last week and I loved it so much, I wanted to go again. We pointed at everything and maybe shared a piece of pumpkin bread in front of the water lilies. I think this is my new favorite place!

In Life:

We booked a trip to New Orleans! We’ve been talking about it being Dempsey’s first “big” (aka flying on an airplane!) vacation but we kept pushing it off till it finally felt like now or never. I know there was just a hurricane there and I know COVID protocol will mean it won’t quite be like it normally is there, but man am I excited to have a break and take my favorite person to my favorite place. Gonna eat all the beignets, seafood and po boys we can find!

We have dinner out plans, a bridal shower (for me to attend 😊), a leaf peeping trip and a wedding this weekend, so it should be a good one! How about you??

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