Weekend Things

Is this not the best time of year weather-wise?? It’s fall by morning and evening and still summer during the day. I want it to be this way always! But since it’s not, we’ll just enjoy it while we can. Which means morning walks to the coffee shop, outdoor dinner, sitting outside during someone’s morning nap, back patio dinner plans with your bestie and football, I guess. I was only there for the food 😋

Joey is getting into those longer training runs, so Dempsey and I decided to just meet him at the coffee shop on Friday and he was running up just as we got there! Perfect timing. We spotted some pumpkins on our way there, so October is definitely coming but it’s still sandal weather. My mom got us some of these bowls that stick to the table and it’s been a game changer! This little fruitarian loooooves strawberries and peaches and I love when he eats them because he smells so sweet afterward ❤

We decided to order in for dinner and grabbed Thai from a new-to-us place nearby, called Beau Thai. It was good. Not amazing, but good. Dempsey was going to town on the Pad See Ew and maybe had a little grease mustache 😂 After we put him to bed, we considered watching one of the handful of 9/11 specials that have come out recently but were overwhelmed by the choices and just decided to watch a movie. Joey thought Ain’t Them Bodes Saints was kind of slow (and it is) but I actually quite liked it. The scenes of Rooney Mara and her daughter were so sweet. And we are both big Ben Foster fans.

Joey had a 9:30 AM appointment on Saturday — I booked him a facial and I think he liked it! — and yet there we were trying to fit in sleeping in, a run and breakfast beforehand. Seems like I am always trying to do that 🤔 I was definitely not the happiest about the rush but family running is my new favorite thing and brioche French toast is the best!!! Dempsey proceeded to eat four strawberries, three slices of peach, an entire slice of French toast and three servings of yogurt 😂😍 I loved it! He was maybe holding on to the spoon but then using his other hand to shovel the yogurt into his mouth 🤷‍♀️

I think we filled the afternoon with random chores/lounging and when Dempsey was up in the afternoon, we all took a trip to Ace Hardware to grab some paint samples! We really want to paint our front door a fun color and it’s between blue and yellow. Dempsey was pretty excited about rifling through the samples mostly 😋

Hannah and I hadn’t gotten together just us two since… who knows when! In other words, a one-on-one was wayyyyy overdue. We sat on the back patio at Community and it was so nice! The drinks were good, the food was good, but best of all, the company was good. Ain’t nobody get you like your best friend of thirty years and a fellow mom, right? I hadn’t realized how much I needed that girls night until afterward and I felt so re-energized afterward. I love her very much and all of her Mason stories had me laughing out loud. She gave me my birthday present of a BTS shirt, a necklace of Dempsey’s birth flower and a lip gloss that looks clear but changes color to match your ph level when you put it on. I love it all so much and she is the best!!!

Meanwhile, Joey, Dempsey and Adam were having a boys night out ❤ They had dinner at Cerveceria Colorado, where the Great Mexican Beer Fiesta was taking place. Joey sent me a video of Dempsey watching some Lucha Libre Mexican Pro-Wresting and it was so funny the way he was moving around to get a good view of the match 😂

Sunday started with an annoying breakfast from Stowaway. Guys, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, that place makes it so difficult to be a loyal customer. We opted for pick up because we figured it’d be easier to eat at home and we were able to select an 8 AM slot but they don’t even open or apparently look at the orders until 8 AM, so Joey ended up waiting fifteen minutes and then my bread was basically crouton-hard. Oy! Anyway, onto happier things, like the football spread we had at Josh and Rhi’s later that afternoon. Fajitas, carnitas, steak, three salsas, shishitos and dip, guacamole, two desserts… Rhi knocked it out of the park! And Dempsey was being his happiest self, so that’s always fun! Oh and I wore my new lip gloss and it was too cool!

Back at home, later on, we made quesadillas for dinner and I thought the whole wheat tortilla might be hard for Dempsey to get down, but I was dead wrong! He devoured this all + another serving of dilla. I love him! Put him to bed and watched Big Brother to end the night. How was your weekend?

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