Weekend Things & A Trip to Glenwood Springs

Coming at you on a Thursday to talk about a weekend that happened almost a full week ago 😂 I’ll be brief because what I really want to tell you about it our trip to Glenwood Springs, Dempsey’s first dip in a big pool and the warm and fuzzy feeling of being on a Christmastime vacation with your family.

A packed weekend that included Dempsey’s first trip to the dentist! My reaction of laughing at that photo has gotten bad reactions, so I’ll just pretend it broke my heart 😋 We ate turkey burgers and gave Dempsey ketchup for the first time before putting him to bed and watching Passing which was weirdly paced but also very interesting and I love both lead actresses’ performances and their weird Judy Garland accents. Up and at em for breakfast before picking up our Studio C CDs! It felt good to be back to our yearly tradition, with Demps in tow ❤ Went to our last wedding of the year that night and you could not have asked for nicer weather for an outdoor ceremony in December. Congrats, Fred and Chelsea!

As for Glenwood, what can I say? I have soooooo many good and happy memories of going there with my family when my sis and I were kids. We’d spend hour upon hour in that pool! Joey and I hadn’t been since 2012 and not with my family since 2010! We had the best time ❤ It was colder up there so it actually felt like December and the town was all decked out in lights, which made it so festive. Loved having Christmas music in the background at every restaurant and at the pool too! This was Dempsey’s first time in a real pool and he was sort of hesitant that first day but was splashing and laughing and having a ball by the second day. He was also trying to drink that incredibly salty water 😬🤪 It was sort of a ghost town up there which meant navigating restaurant closures but also meant nothing was too busy and that part was very nice. Not nice was Dempsey waking up screaming every night at midnight but what can you do?

Back home and back to the holiday grind 😊

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