Weekend Things

Before we jump into weekend talk, I should mention that last week was kind of rough. Dempsey is getting molars and oy, it has not been fun for anyone. Lots of abrupt middle of the night screaming and not wanting to be put down means we were all feeling a bit sleep deprived, plus I felt like I hit my breaking point with the rash that has been on Dempsey’s face since EARLY NOVEMBER and I cannot get anywhere with my pediatrician on, it seems. Throw in the end of our breastfeeding journey and my first postpartum period and it’s just a perfect storm of emotions and stress.

We are not quite through the woods yet, but things are better after getting a few nights of better sleep and lo and behold, the rash has improved, though I have no idea what to attribute that to 🤷‍♀️ We also went to the movie theater TWICE this weekend (who are we??) and that’s my second happiest place, so that helped ❤❤

In case you missed it on my Instagram, I posted about the end of breastfeeding. Maybe it is cliche to say so, but it is the definition of bittersweet. I will miss those sweet moments when he was so small and cuddly and we needed each other like that for the rest of forever, but I am also so happy and excited and RELIEVED to be moving forward. Yep, bittersweet.

I think I was a zombie on Friday. Joey let me sleep in but sent up a picture of Dempsey enjoying breakfast and then, I think because he knew I needed it, he took me to see The Tragedy of Macbeth at 3 PM. I was worried I might actually fall asleep in the theater but then I was distracted by VIBES. Caught me off guard that we were doing the STRAIGHT SHAKESPEARE DIALOGUE and that I’d actually need to pay attention but the film is GORGEOUS to look at and listen to! Weirdly Denzel and Frances were not my favorite performers from the cast and instead, I thought Alex Hassell as Ross and Kathryn Hunter as the three witches were INCREDIBLE!!! I really only knew Kathryn Hunter as Mrs. Figg in the Harry Potter films but Wikipedia tells me she actually has an impressive resume of stage and specifically, Shakespeare work, so apologies for my ignorance. We had a chill rest of the evening and were in bed EARLY.

Woke up Saturday feeling rested and made us all some chocolate chip oatmeal buttermilk pancakes! After Dempsey’s first nap (which involved an hour of him roaming around in his crib before we had to go intervene…) and lunch, we took a family trip to REI and and it is overwhelming in there! We are entering the hold hands and walk phase with Dempsey and I about died when I saw he and Joey doing that in the store 😍😍😍

The rest of the day involved some Christmas decoration clean up (still lots to go, but we are taking our sweet time) 😂 and baking time for Dempsey and I. He mainly ate dough out of the cookie scoop while I did the rest but man, did they turn out good!

The Cowboys were playing that night, so Joey suggested we get wings from Fire on the Mountain and I was in! I will only briefly complain about how some of those wings were literally smaller than my pinkie finger and focus on how Dempsey loves wings and fries and blue cheese! I think he ate six wings!

After Demps went down for bed, we fired up the Harry Potter reunion and I was so emotional about it!!! I did wonder if they average viewer would be up-to-date on the JK Rowling controversy and maybe wonder about her absence from the special but I think they handled it well. I have been feeling weird about being a HP fan these days, but this was a nice reminder that these films and Harry Potter in general are bigger than JK. That it still is a good and wonderful thing to exist in this world and I’m not alone in feeling they way I feel about it ❤

A good Sunday morning brought to you by 8 uninterrupted hours of sleep! I made us all breakfast and then our happy boy marched around the living room with a mask, so I guess he is ready for Mardi Gras!

We saw Licorice Pizza that afternoon! I’m not always in on Paul Thomas Anderson’s movies, so I was skeptical, but I LOVED IT! It does start to feel a bit long but for the most part is in a fun and interesting hang and all of the performances are just killer. Alana Haim and Cooper Hoffman are knockouts!

Back at home, Dempsey wanted to bite everything, including my knees? Please let these teeth come in already! He took a nap and then we made a bean and veggie soup for dinner and put that little boy to bed. We finished up the reunion (def cried when Robbie Coltrane said he wouldn’t be here in 50 years but Hagrid would 😭😭😭) and started The Beatles: Get Back because we are just very behind on our TV viewing.

Please have a happy Monday!

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