Weekend Things

After the busy-ness of the holiday season, I am truly living for these January weekends without any plans. We literally had nothing on the calendar Friday through Sunday and I could not have been happier. We ordered ramen, watched movies, played at the park, ate a wonderful homecooked meal, took naps and, as Joey and I were laying on the living room floor listening to music while Dempsey danced around on Sunday evening, I was overcome with a feeling of true happiness ❤

I was so tired on Friday and it was snowing, so ramen take out was a given. I ordered the kimchi for the first time and not going to lie, I didn’t love it, but you live and you learn. We got steamed buns for our steamed bun lover and they were a hit, along with the pickled ginger that was in his ramen?! He may look like Joey, but this boy is MY son through and through 😋 Put that little love to bed and watched The Amazing Race + some of The Beatles: Get Back which is EXHAUSTIVE but also very fun and interesting to watch. Had no idea George Harrison was the chaos agent of the group but I love him and his amazing fashion sense just so much.

Sleepy little newborns are such a sweet joy, but man are toddlers fun! And except for the teething, I am just really loving this age 🥰 We all got a good night’s sleep, then woke up and had waffles for breakfast. Afterward, Joey bundled Dempsey up and took him outside to “help” shovel the snow and MY HEART COULDN’T HANDLE THE CUTENESS! He seemed to be having the best time touching the snow and wandering around in the front yard. I saw them throwing a snowball later and it was very funny. Later that afternoon, we walked to the park, where Dempsey was having the best time on the swing!

I had started some gnocchi alla romana from the Ottolenghi cookbook earlier in the day, so once we got back home, Joey finished it up and made us some REALLY GOOD meatballs (so tender!) for dinner. Demps and I played while Joey was in the kitchen and it’s just my favorite to watch him play with a toy all by himself! After bedtime, we fired up Last Night in Soho, which I swear was only in the theater for a week😬 I thought it was okay. There was a lot of what should have been fun/interesting/exciting stuff going on and yet I felt like it was always teetering on boring. Joey liked it 🤷‍♀️😂 Hey, we even made it through the first musical performance on SNL. I feel like I didn’t appreciate Will Forte enough when he was actually on the show. Also, when will Måneskin be freed from performing “Beggin”???

Dempsey has always been such a good nighttime sleeper, so this phase he’s in, where he wakes up crying and in pain from teething (we think??) has been rough. I’ve been spoiled, so now I can barely deal with sleep deprivation 😬 He was up at 4 AM on Sunday and would NOT let me put him back down, so he fell back asleep eventually but I did not. This is all to say, I think I made that breakfast in my sleep 😂 We all took naps later in the day and I felt so much better. We also made another trip to another park and Dempsey did a “COVID hug” with another toddler that was the cutest! Joey made us salads for the week and I read for a bit. We haven’t really given Dempsey a lot of screen time, but we’ve been watching Encanto in 20-minute increments with him and he seems to like it. We definitely do! Been singing “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” all weekend 😂 Leftovers for dinner, more Beatles, more reading, bed!

Hope you had a nice weekend!

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