Oscar Weekend Things

Whew. Desperately trying to pull myself together and form some cohesive thoughts, something I’ve been trying to do since 8:30 last night. That Oscars telecast was truly shocking and bewildering. And I lived through the Moonlight/La La Land debacle! Very very sad that all those bright moments — Troy Kotsur winning Best Supporting Actor (his speech was so good and I loved Youn Yuh-jung standing next to him and holding his Oscar πŸ₯Ί), Dune basically sweeping those technical awards and giving praise to Denis Villeneuve, Questlove’s emotional acceptance speech, Gaga and Liza announcing Best Picture, Dempsey eating ramen with a single chopstick and ahem, a surprise BTS spot (I cried during Coco too, Joon!) was all so overshadowed by a literal onstage assault?? I truly truly hated that and cannot believe it happened. The rest of our weekend was good, but woof, what a way to end.

We picked up our boy on Friday afternoon and made a pit stop at this park we drive by all the time. He seemed to like the sand pit, the giant slide and the bouncing bridge best 😍 Then we made our way to… you guessed it, Edgewater Public Market! I guess it’s our spot. It was as busy as could be and Dempsey was rather distracted. Those sliders sure were good though! Back at home, we put Demps to bed, then fired up Attica. Please excuse my ignorance, but I never knew about this event and I was HORRIFIED. HORRIFIED. Incarcerated or not, I think you have the right to be treated like a human being. I was so sad to see how this played out. I am still wrapping my head around it and how there were no consequences for the law enforcement involved. It’s somehow shocking and sadly, not shocking at all. I highly recommend this doc, but please know that it is a very tough watch.

Woke up and had more lemon yogurt pancakes. I think Dempsey would have just liked to eat the entire bowl of blueberry sauce πŸ˜‚ It was so super nice that day, so we spent all morning outside. Joey did some cleaning up and Dempsey ran around undoing all that cleaning. He has so many toys but he just wants to dump dirt on the ground and hold the rake πŸ˜‚

Later, I made a pesto grilled cheese for Dempsey but he is in another phase of not really wanting to eat anything (including fruit???), so he mostly just ate the melty cheese out of the middle. I put him down for his nap and got to eat the rest of his sandwich, so his loss, but definitely my gain! Joey and I caught up on Top Chef and Better Things during nap time too.

Post nap, we took a walk to the park on Tennyson and Dempsey commandeered another child’s bucket and shovel. Luckily, most children at the park are wonderful sharers 😊 Back at home, I made us super good pasta dinner that had a sauce made of corn?! It turned out a bit greener than I had expected, thanks to the scallions, but wow, it was so so good! Dempsey was a big fan too! After bath and bedtime, we snuck in one last Oscar-Nominated film with Summer of Soul. We watched the last half hour on Sunday and I thought it was amazing!

A super start to our Sunday! I went out and grabbed two iced coffees and one vanilla steamer and Joey and Dempsey stayed home and made us all egg sandwiches for breakfast. It’s my favorite thing when he holds a full sandwich 😍 He was pretty good at holding it together too! Afterward, I made our lunch salads for the week and Joey started the first of a million loads of laundry, then I went on a run and we all walked over to the basketball court to play. We cut through the field at the school and it was so fun watching Dempsey run across! He mainly wanted to pick up two little rocks and throw them over and over, instead of playing with the basketball, but we had fun either way.

Oscar Night! It started out so fun and hopeful. We all filled out our ballots and how rude is it that I spend so much time thinking and reading and listening to podcasts about these films for an entire year and all it gets me is three more right answers than Joey?? We made Parasite ramen in 2019 and now it’s a tradition! I wasn’t sure Demps would be into it, but HE WAS. Also, we never ever eat dinner in front of the TV, but since the telecast started at 6, we had to and Dempsey was into that as well. He saw me using chopsticks and wanted one too πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I wish I could separate that Will Smith episode from the rest of the show to be able to tell you if it was good or not, but that feels impossible. I’m already exhausted from what I’m sure will be a ridiculous take cycle, but I will leave you with this. That joke Chris Rock made was terrible and inappropriate and you should absolutely not hit someone ever. It can be both.

Okay, please have a nice day. Hopefully we can all focus again sometime soon!

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