Weekend Things

A weekend in the mountains and our (or mine at least) first ever nights away from Dempsey and I took ONE photo 😂🤦‍♀️

Well what is there to say other than that Dempsey did great and we had fun and we maybe watched Super Troopers? Bob, Becca, Joey and I all headed up to Keystone Saturday morning, and it was definitely tough wishing our little man good bye, especially since he seemed to spring a cold that morning? Poor guy was all kinds of snotty. The guys skied Saturday and Sunday and the moms hung out, ate lunch, visited Frisco and talked about our babies. How could we not?? No one gets you like another mom, you know? We all had our dinners together than vegged out at the end of the day and you would think no children meant extra good sleep but I think we all sort of tossed and turned and still woke up early 😂 We took turns making breakfast and those are the tacos Becca made for us. She’s amazing! We ate, packed up and hit the road this morning and now we’re back in Denver, back to snow and back to work. It was nice while it lasted but I sure am glad to see Dempsey again ❤❤❤

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