Weekend Things

Just an update: Dempsey has a little boot! Last Tuesday he started limping, so we took him to our pediatrician who had us take him to the ER for x-rays and though they found nothing, the orthopedic specialist we saw the next day wanted us to just cover all our bases and have him in a boot for two weeks. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting that! But he’s been a trooper in it and it hasn’t slowed him down a bit. Also, the boot is just so small and cute 😍😂

So all of that happened earlier in the week, but by Friday, we were ready to have some fun. We headed over to Hannah and Josh’s for pot pie dinner (so good!) and the boys ran around like crazy. Mason is about to start tee-ball so he got some practice in and now, at home, Dempsey has been swinging his Rockies bat all over the place 😂 He maybe didn’t want to share any bubbles with Henry but hopefully he’ll get better at that 😊

Started Saturday with a walk to Downpours for coffee and breakfast burritos and Dempsey sure liked mine! Afterward, we made our way to Betsy and Jory’s gender reveal and how confusing is the picture above?! It’s a girl but they both managed to twist their confetti the wrong direction 😂 Very excited for the four of them to add another girl to the mix! And it was fun to hang out and watch Dempsey run around with all the other kids and maybe try to eat the chips off of everyone’s plates!

We didn’t get home till 2ish, so we let him nap a little later and then once he was up, we hung out outside, made dinner and walked to get ice cream. This child was straight giddy eating his 😂 We had the place to ourselves, which was for the best since Dempsey was dragging around the wet floor signs, turning off the fridge of to-go ice cream and playing with a random remote he found. After we put him to bed, we turned on Fire Island and I thought it was very fun. It’s a Pride & Prejudice adaptation and can you believe I’ve never read the original text?? Joey and I were singing Britney Spears’ “Sometimes” for the rest of the weekend!

Please accept these three pictures Dempsey took while I give you a Sunday recap. We headed into Broomfield to have breakfast with my family and what a nice way to start a Sunday. I got to hear about my sister’s new job and sit next to my mama 🥰 Afterward, we headed back home and did our usual Sunday chores and relaxed a bit. Joey built a legit cage around our veggie garden, so take that, squirrels! I hope your weekend was nice as well!

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