Weekend Things

Why does June have to get so hot so fast?? We were outside for a few hours on Saturday and I think it took me the rest of the weekend to recover. I guess that’s why I took all of four photos? Oops!

Up and at em on Friday to take Dempsey to the dentist! This was his second visit and I think it was less traumatizing than the first 😂 He left with the dentist’s seal of approval and a bouncy ball that he’s been very excited about ever since. Teeth brushing time at home remains an absolute horror, but those of you with older children, please tell me it gets easier! Afterward, he was off to Grandma’s and I was off on my BTS cloud because their anthology album, Proof, dropped the night before and yes, I’ve heard all of those songs before, but they hit different when placed in the very thoughtful order they’re in. Waiting for my physical copy to arrive tomorrow, so I can listen to the third part, which is CD only?! I didn’t even know CD players still existed, but anything for you, BTS!

Adam joined us for dinner and it was hot but thankfully not too hot to sit outside. Dempsey was having too much fun throwing his bouncy ball over the netting around our garden and having Uncle Adam roll it back to him. He was not thrilled when I made him go inside for bath and bedtime 😋

We had our normal morning pancakes on Saturday then got ourselves ready and headed to Elitch’s for our company picnic. We got there around 10:45 and Dempsey rode A SINGLE RIDE and just wanted to watch the others. He was also very interested in the Ferris wheel! It was so hot already, so I was fine with heading over to the covered party area anyway. We visited, Dempsey wandered, we all ate and then I headed out, so I could get him down for a late nap. He was so tired and maybe laid like that at the top of the stairs when we got home 😂 Joey came back around 4 and we made dinner and hid inside for the rest of the day.

Sunday morning and this is the state of our house most of the time. How does he make a mess so quickly?? Truly impressive 😋 We got outside early before it got hot and Dempsey managed to spray himself in the face with the hose while I was watering our plants 😂 Later on, I headed out to get my hair cut and 45-minutes is just really not long enough to gab with my hairdresser, you know? She’s going on a handful of trips this summer and I am so jealous! We need to get our vacation plans in order earlier. Spent the rest of the day lounging and that was pretty nice. I hope you had a good weekend too!

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