Weekend Things

Hello. We had so many fun and happy moments this weekend and yet, the reality of Roe v Wade being overturned hung over my head the whole time. I had to take a break from looking at social media on Friday after the news broke because it was just a lot. I don’t even know how to classify the feelings I’m having about it all. I guess it’s mainly incomprehension? I cannot understand how anyone would think this is the right way. Maybe it’s because none of these arguments are the real issue and there’s something much darker and more sinister at the heart of this debate. My heart is so heavy with it all and if you are feeling this way today too, I am right there with you.

It feels weird to transition from that, but here we are. Joey had a busy Friday, so I was lucky enough to get lots of solo time with Dempsey. He is a joy to be around. Saturday, we took Demps to get a haircut, then later, Joey and I went to see Top Gun: Maverick and hey, I had a good time! My sis and Wayne watched Dempsey while we were out, so we got to visit with them for a little bit afterward and then we ended the day with ramen. Sunday was mostly spent at a family gathering and it was blissfully overcast, so we could sit outside comfortably all afternoon. To top it all off, the Avs won the Stanley Cup and even I felt a little bit of excitement over that!

Joey left early Friday morning for a golf tournament, so Demps and I had breakfast together and then Lori picked him up and I worked. Always weird to be home by yourself all day! She brought him home later on and Joey got to see him for a little bit before he took off for the Avs game. We played outside for a little bit — my child’s favorite toy going on for a year now, is the syringe that comes with Children’s Tylenol 😂 — then bath and bedtime. Had to drag him away from his reading time with Bunny when the bath water was ready to go 😍

Saturday started with almond butter pancakes for everyone and at noon, we took Dempsey to get his hair cut. I don’t think I’m allowed at the appointments anymore because I have so much anxiety about how much they’re cutting 😬 It turned out pretty good though! My sis and Wayne came over at 2:45 and we headed out for our movie. Joey has wanted to take me since he saw it with him mom and brother a month ago and I finally said okay. I think I’m on record as saying the original is not very good. I don’t have a nostalgic relationship to it at all. That being said, Maverick is legitimately a way better film. It looks better, it sounds better and the the plot works way better. It’s just the right amount of fan service so that it rewards lovers of the first movie and doesn’t annoy those who aren’t. I legitimately had good time. I don’t think it’s in my top ten as Joey predicted though 😂

Back at home, Dempsey was having fun with Aunt Bean and Uncle Wayne. Wayne is so good with him and they seem like best buds ❤ They hung around for a little bit then headed home to make dinner and Joey headed out to pick up our ramen from Uncle. Demps continues to love a steamed bun and he’s determined to learn to use those chopsticks! After he went to bed, we watched Huslte, which we’d heard was good but kept forgetting to watch. As it started, I realized I had no idea what the plot even was! In case you don’t either, Adam Sandler plays a talent scout for the NBA, who discovers an unknown star player in Spain and has to train him on his own after the team he works for doesn’t want him. I think Joey had a good time recognizing all the real NBA players in the movie but whatever, I enjoyed it even without knowing who anyone was 😋

Forgot to take hardly any pictures on Sunday, even though we had a fun day! Started with a soft scramble for all of us and then we played until early nap time, so we could be on time to a family get together. Joey’s Uncle CJ and his partner Lisa have a new house and it’s beautiful! I want their kitchen island and their giant backyard! Dempsey was having too much fun running around back there, trying to keep up with the two older kids who were also playing. We stayed until just after five when everyone started to disperse for reasons that may or may not have been related to the Avs game starting at six. Back at home, Dempsey got a blue bath from a bath bomb we bought when he got his hair cut and then he was off to bed. Joey watched the game and I sort of watched but dialed in for the last six minutes and I didn’t think I cared but my heart was beating so hard! So exciting to see them win and celebrate and we definitely heard some fireworks going off in Denver. I was already in bed when Adam showed up to crash on our couch because he lives downtown and everything was blocked off down there, so he couldn’t get home!

I hope your weekend was as good as it could be ❤

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