Father’s Day Weekend Things

Does anyone else feel like this summer is already flying by?? Father’s Day has come and gone and our family is already busy talking about July happenings. We have lots of fun stuff coming up, but this weekend was a good one too. Seems like it’s been forever since we went out to dinner, so when Joey and I both randomly felt like going out, we had to seize upon the moment. It’d also been forever since I’d had a massage and I finally got one on Saturday! Spent Father’s Day having breakfast with my side of the family then dinner with Joey’s side. He golfed in between and I had a rare afternoon alone (while Dempsey napped) and wow, did it feel nice.

I felt like a BLT, so we tried to find someplace that served one and ended up trying School House in Arvada. It felt family friendly and laid back in there and even though I did get my BLT, the poutine was the star of the show! Meanwhile, Dempsey couldn’t get enough of the sweet potato tots. They’ve blocked off parts of Main Street so cars can’t drive down and we had fun walking down it, enjoying that summer evening weather. After we put Demps to bed, we watched Good Luck to You, Leo Grande and I really liked it. I thought the leads had really great chemistry and I certainly laughed out loud a few times. Give it a try!

Saturday started with whole wheat chocolate chip pancakes that everyone loved and then we headed outside while it was still sort of cloudy. Dempsey got a kick out of having a ladybug crawl on him, especially when it made it up his arm onto his face 😂 And I pulled out his wheelbarrow for him so he could be like his dad. He was having too much fun pushing it around!

Later on, when the sun came out and it got really hot, I set up the paint stuff to make a craft for Father’s Day but also because it seemed like a good way to play outside but stay in the shade. While Dempsey was napping, I headed out to see my mom for a massage. I had JUST missed Hannah, but I’m glad we could both fit in some R&R that day. Felt so nice! I came home and got a head start on dinner and at 5:30ish Joey left for the Avs game and Dempsey and I hung out until dinner time. I’ve made this meal before and he wanted NOTHING to do with it, but once he figured out he could dip everything into that basil cream sauce, he was game! The Avs won and I’m so happy for everyone who’s happy about that, but try as I may, I cannot summon the excitement I saw everyone exhibiting on the news afterward.

Just realizing I did not take a photo with my own father on Father’s Day 🤦‍♀️ But here’s a plate of food and a cute picture of Dempsey and my mom ❤ Hosting is nice because you can get away with doing the bare minimum in every other way 😂 In other words, my mom made the casserole, my sister made the potatoes and I cooked up some sausage my mom had given me and bought a pre-made fruit salad. Joey had to dash off to golf after breakfast, but my family hung around until Dempsey’s nap time and it was nice hanging outside with them.

Dempsey and I headed over to Steve and Lorna’s around 4:30 and we all had dinner together. I sometimes let myself believe if I’m not in my home on a Sunday night, I will self-combust, but it’s actually really nice to let someone else feed you dinner, then return to your home where there are no dishes to wash 😋 So thank you for dinner, Lorna!!! Snagged this year’s four generation picture before everyone headed out to their respective homes. We put Dempsey to bed and watched an episode of Barry and why is this season so good??

Hope you had a good weekend!

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