Weekend Things

Not a lot of pictures or words for you today, but I still wanted to share what I do have. Feels like everyone around us is so busy and yet we’ve found ourselves with lots of free time and I am not complaining. We had dinner with my sis and Wayne on Friday, spent Saturday at home organizing and working on one last outdoor project and Sunday was a mix of fun and chores. Mostly though, we just have so much fun with our little boy and we are truly savoring our moments with him as a family of three ❤

Somehow didn’t take a single picture of Dempsey giving Aunt Bean the biggest hug or stealing bites of Uncle Wayne’s “water ice” but we all grabbed dinner at Chop Shop then ice cream at Ice Cream Riot and I hope Dempsey enjoyed his time on Colfax, because it’s always an experience! Joey and I started Notorious and made it all of 40 minutes in. We finished it Saturday though, so, to be continued.

Saturday started with a walk to the coffee shop. I think Dempsey finished his steamer within three blocks of our return walk home 😂 Afterward, I made us all some whole wheat pumpkin waffles and wow were they good! Desperately trying to hold out on “fall food” until it’s no longer 90 degrees but I’m not doing too well 😋 Once breakfast was cleaned up, Joey and Dempsey started tearing up the yard for what feels like the fifth time this summer. I don’t even ask anymore, folks. But watching Dempsey carry the tape measure around and “measure” stuff or seeing the BIG BIG smile on his face when he’s helping Dad shovel up dirt (“I helping” is the cutest) is just the best thing in the world 🥺❤ We spent nap time watching The Great British Bake Off (it’s back and I’m so happy!) and buying some decorations and such for Dempsey’s 2nd birthday. Can you believe it’s next month??

After nap time, we loaded up and headed to Home Depot to buy supplies for the backyard project. Dempsey and I had fun looking at all the pumpkins and Halloween decorations while Joey loaded brick and lighting into our cart. Back at home, I tackled dinner while the boys installed yard lights. Still not sure how electrical lightning is better or not than solar powered lighting but they sure look nicer and bonus of Dempsey not being able to pull these out of the ground 😋 I made us everything bagel seasoning chicken with cream cheese sauce and roasted carrots and we all loved it! I’m trying to figure out what else I can drizzle in cream cheese sauce, so my son will eat it 😂 Finished Notorious that night and I thought the first half of the movie was strange and underdeveloped and cringey but I was pretty into it by the second half. An abrupt finish but overall, we liked it!

Woke up to Dempsey LOUDLY singing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” in his crib and it was the funniest 😂We had planned to have breakfast at the Farmers’ Market but when we got there, there were little to no food options, so we walked up another block and had a real breakfast at Sassafras. Dempsey got a beignet, so he had no complaints. Walked back over to the FM afterward and grabbed corn, shishitos, tomatoes, apples, pears, plums and a frozen tray of eggplant parmesan that seemed like a really easy dinner for some busy night in the future. We put the tray on Dempsey’s stroller and he seems to think it’s a foot rest 😂 Also, Joey was wearing a Cowboys shirt and after too many strangers making comments, we both agreed he’s never leaving the house in that again.

I took off during nap time to get a much needed massage from my mom. In the words of Dempsey, “more now!” When I got back, Demps was already up, so we hung out for a bit then Joey got a haircut and when he came back, he and Dempsey went on a run and to the park. While they were gone, our grocery order came, so I unloaded and got started on dinner. Kale Caesar, miso-roasted cauliflower and caprese salad made for a GOOD Sunday supper. I gave Dempsey a wet rag to wipe his mouth and hands off with and then he proceeded to walk around the backyard and wipe off the concrete for ten minutes 😂 Took a walk, put Dempsey to bed, watched Big Brother and went to bed ourselves 😊

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