Weekend Things

Almost drove to the mountains twice this weekend to check out the changing leaves but then it felt like peak colors might actually be next weekend, so we spent a blissfully relaxed couple of days at home and it was so nice. Joey worked in the yard, Dempsey helped and I watched, while taking in some really perfect weather. Early fall is just so lovely, isn’t it? Oh and we went to our very last Rockies game of the season. Someone got their very own seat AND go to meet Dinger, so he was a happy boy 💜 Till next time, Rockies!

Joey golfed mid-afternoon on Friday, so while we waited for him to make it back home, Dempsey and I hit up the library and the park. There seemed to be a lot of people and older kids hanging around for some reason, but then a parade of North Denver High Vikings rolled by and it all made more sense. I told Dempsey to hold his hand out and they might throw him some candy and it made my heart hurt to see how bad he wanted a piece. A nice lady next to us caught some mini Tootsie Pops and gave us a few and he was SO HAPPY. Me too though 🥺❤ He was excited to show me his purple tongue when we got home too. We just had leftovers when Joey got home, then took a walk and put our boy to bed before watching Thursday and Friday’s episodes of Big Brother and going to bed ourselves.

Decided to push the mountain drive to Sunday and walked to Tennyson for coffee instead. It was kind of chilly and felt really nice! Dempsey is loving his tray and cup holder for his steamer, even though every time he set it down, he’d immediately pick it back up for another sip 😂 We also saw three kitties in the window at Denver Cat Company and he kept pointing to each one and telling me “this one sleepin.” Back at home, we all ate breakfast then hung out outside while Joey worked on his project. Dempsey just really loves to help! ❤ During nap time, we watched GBBO and I accidentally fell asleep during the showstopper but woke up just in time to see “Compost Carole’s” mask break and it sure was sad!

At 5:30, we loaded up and headed to Illegal Pete’s to pick up dinner then made our way to the Rockies game for the last time this season. We had very nice seats in Section 120 and Dempsey even got his very own seat, which he seemed more interested in climbing up and down from and standing backwards on than actually watching the game 😂 Do all toddlers have amazing memories?? Sometimes we say something ONE TIME or something will happen and WEEKS later he is able to recall it. He is still telling us about the time he cut his finger on a La Croix can IN JULY. And he’s also been telling us about high-fiving Dinger from the game we went to in August when Emily was in town, so we HAD to get him over there again and hoped to actually get a picture with Dinger this time. We did it! The line wasn’t too long when we got over there and even though I thought he might not finish his two chips and they would have to be in the picture too, he finished them in time. My sis and Wayne were sitting one section over, so they joined us in line (and thankfully held all our stuff while we took our picture) and rode home with us too. Joey worked so hard to teach Dempsey “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” all year but I guess we’ll have to wait another year till he can sing along 😊

A simple Sunday at home after we bailed on our drive to the mountains again. We all slept in till 8! Then Dempsey and I made pumpkin pancakes that we all really loved and headed outside again. Dempsey requested his little work apron and wore it for a full minute before wanting it off. I made him a purple smoothie but he was more interested in looking at the color than drinking it. Put him down for his nap and he was playing around in his crib for a literal hour before falling asleep! Hey, I don’t really care what he’s doing up there as long he’s content and I can eat lunch by myself on the couch 😋 I made us some lunch salads for the week while he was down and then he made me run around his room when I woke him back up 😂😂 We had potato soup with potatoes from Grandma Nee’s garden for dinner and it was super easy to make and tasted really good. And Dempsey sure loves bacon! Took our walk, bathed and put Demps to bed then watched the finale of Big Brother and I liked all three of the remaining contestants, so I wasn’t going to be mad no matter who won. Hope you had a good weekend too!

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