Weekend Things

Happy Monday and welcome to October! It’s going to be a busy month and I kind of hope it flies by because your girl is 28 weeks pregnant but she’s feeling 38 weeks pregnant πŸ˜‚ We received a huge dose of much needed happiness last week when Jory and Betsy’s baby girl, Delaney, was born! We got to meet her on Saturday and there is just NOTHING like the feel of holding a newborn. So good for the soul ❀ Also good for the soul: a large serving of queso, “Pocus Pocus,” leaf peeping, getting out the house to see a movie and a really comforting homecooked meal.

Started Friday with a walk to the coffee shop. We are borrowing Lori’s wagon for a bit to see if we’d like to get one in lieu of a double stroller before Baby #2 comes. Opinions on this choice are welcome! After we wrapped up work, we ordered Tocabe for dinner — crazy how we ate there once in 2013 and were unimpressed and it took us nine years and moving half a mile away to try it again and decide we love it! — and then Dempsey wanted to watch “Pocus Pocus.” I think he sat through ten minutes then asked to read a book instead πŸ˜‚ That’s probably an accurate review of the sequel.

Look, we finally went leaf peeping! We got maybe a later start than we should’ve because by the time we got up to Golden Gate Canyon State Park (literally so many words in that location title…), it was super busy. When we hiked there in August, we felt like we had found a secret spot but turns out we did not πŸ˜‚ Every single parking lot was full! We at least got to see some really beautiful views of the leaves while we drove through but someone was having a little meltdown in the backseat because they wanted to get out of the car. We ended up pulling over at one of the pay stations to grab a few minutes of fresh mountain air, stretch our legs and get up close and personal with the trees then drove back home. We’ll know for next time now. Saw a dino park on the way back too!

We ate lunch and put Demps down for his nap then headed over to meet the baby as soon as he was back up. You forget just how light newborns are until you hold one! She was so sleepy and sweet and beautiful ❀ Demps seemed a little unsure at first but he felt her soft head and by the end of the night, he would say “Delaney!” every time he needed to see where she was. I’ve been explaining to him that she is Elliott’s sister too. We get to see them again later today and we can’t wait! Meanwhile, I can’t believe I still have to be pregnant until December πŸ˜±πŸ˜‹

Started Sunday with some cinnamon apple waffles. They were vegan and good thing because Dempsey would not keep his little fingers out of the batter πŸ˜‚ After breakfast, we were really productive and cleaned out Dempsey’s closet, got out all my colder weather maternity clothes, cleaned our humidifiers and did some laundry. Felt good! My mom came over at 11:45, so Joey and I could go see a movie. We saw Don’t Worry Darling and it looks good and Florence Pugh is amazing as usual but I just had A LOT of unanswered questions at the end, and not the kind you could figure out if you just think hard enough, just gaping plot holes and things that did not make sense. Oh well, at least there was Chris Pine in that crop top. Back at home, we made salads for the rest of the week, started dinner and tried to keep Dempsey entertained. Our chicken and rice took a lot longer than the recipe said but then it tasted so good that I forgot all about that annoyance. Put our boy to bed and finished up season two of Hacks, which is just such a good show. I liked how this season ended so much that I wished it was the series finale but I don’t think it will be. Hope your weekend was nice!

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