Weekend Things

It’s birthday week for our Dempsey! I can hardly believe he’s about to be two but we are so excited to celebrate him. He’s been singing “Happy Birthday” for days and talking about cake and candles for even longer, so I think he’s excited too 🀍 In other news, this weekend had lots of good fall weather and food, a fun gymnastics class, our 30-week appointment and maybe not enough sleep, but oh well.

A busy Friday! Lori signed Dempsey up for a little gymnastics-type class on Friday mornings but since she was out of town this weekend, Joey and I got to take him. It was even more fun than I had expected and I loved watching him run around and play. He was especially into this little obstacle course!

We had our 30-week appointment that afternoon. Luckily my FIL could come over and watch Demps, so both Joey and I could go because we were having an ultrasound and growth scan and didn’t want to wake him early from his nap. Baby girl is looking healthy and active but she is also a little peanut (26th percentile πŸ˜‚) and she’s breech! I am trying not to worry about that second part but my doctor’s tone of surprise at seeing her butt down was not reassuring 😬 Back at home, I finished up work while Joey put Dempsey’s new slide from Grandpa Steve and Lorna together and he was LOVING that thing! So sweet and fun to see. Afterward, we took a little walk around the neighborhood — Dempsey is quite obsessed with the inflatable ghosts in our front yard and we have to look at them about 100x a day and he recently discovered an inflatable dragon a few blocks down that he needed to go see — then met my sis and Wayne at Fire on the Mountain. They sat us outside and by the end of the meal it was dark and kind of cold but oh well because those wings HIT THE SPOT. I think Dempsey ate four! Also, we hadn’t seen my sis and Wayne in almost two weeks, so it was wonderful to hug them and hear about their trip to Seattle 🀍

Just slightly horrified when I realized the free concert BTS was holding in Busan was streaming live on SATURDAY morning instead of Sunday when I was already feeling exhausted on Friday and momentarily debated skipping it but then I thought “who am I kidding?” and set my alarm for 1:45 AM. It ended up being an extremely frustrating experience though because we made it through all of three songs before the site crashed and I spent the next hour and a half toggling between websites trying to actually watch the concert. Never going to forgive Weverse for making me miss “Ma City” and “Cypher Pt. 3” but I am thankful that I got to see the first ever live performance of “Run BTS,” which I watched with my mouth fully hanging open because THAT COREOGRAPHY!!!!! I have absolutely watched the video of the performance about 50x since then. Joey and Demps let me sleep in and when I came downstairs, they were already making banana waffles 🀍🀍🀍

Later that afternoon, Joey and Demps went on a run and me and baby girl walked over and met them at the park. So many dad and daughters there and soon Joey will be one of them! Back at home, Dempsey had lunch and then we put him down for his nap and had lunch ourselves. Quiche by Mom and a simple green salad truly is the best meal.

Dempsey was up earlier than usual from his nap and none too pleased when we made him try on a bunch of clothes for our upcoming maternity photo shoot πŸ˜‹ Joey and I cooked dinner together, something we RARELY do nowadays, which is how we ended up with a counter full of spices that Dempsey had poured out while we cooked πŸ˜‚ Joey decided to make himself a cocktail then made mocktail versions for Dempsey and I and we loved it! Plus chicken noodle soup that hit the spot. Dempsey was very into the carrots and celery so no one tell him those are vegetables πŸ˜‚ Joey and I watched Master that night and even though it had a low audience rating, we kind of liked it! Just creepy enough and thought-provoking, though I’m not sure it all added up in the end. I do love seeing Regina Hall flex some more dramatic acting muscles though.

A bit of a gloomy start to Sunday but we made our own sunshine with biscuit sandwiches from Rise & Shine. Biscuit of the day was herb and goat cheese and it sure tasted good to me! We headed over to the space we’re using for our baby sprinkle afterward, so we had a better idea of the layout and Dempsey had too much energy πŸ˜‚ Hit up Home Depot afterward and the nice cashier gave Dempsey a pumpkin that he was trying to eat on the way home 😬 After his nap, he and Joey played and planted some mums outside while I made dinner. White chicken chili and buffalo cauliflower! I tossed some of the battered and baked cauliflower in blue cheese instead of buffalo sauce for Dempsey but it was all for naught because he did not want ANY of this. Oh well, Joey and I thought it was pretty good! We put our boy to bed then Joey watched the rest of the Cowboys game and I pretended not to notice how badly the Cowboys game was going πŸ˜‹

Please send words of encouragement about my breech baby and/or me making it to 2025 while BTS does their military assignment πŸ˜‹πŸ€ Hope you have a nice week!

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