Weekend Things and Dempsey’s 2nd Birthday!

Dempsey is officially two and I can hardly believe it! Not a day goes by where I don’t look at Joey and say “ugh, I love him so much!” He is so silly, smart and sweet. I’m so lucky to be his mama and watch him grow up šŸ¤ All mush aside, he also had a rough couple of days this weekend, due to what we assume is teething and I hated seeing him sad and in pain. He’s been in much better spirits since yesterday and I am relieved. Can’t believe I have to start all over with another child growing teeth for two years come December šŸ˜‚

Thursday was his actual birthday and he was so excited when he woke up to us saying “Happy Birthday!” Joey and I are both in the office on Thursdays, so we gave him his presents in the morning and even though he got a mini trampoline, a CeeDee Lamb jersey and a book, he was mostly excited about that giant number 2 balloon šŸ˜‚ He was with my parents for the day, but when we got home, we had tamales and watched Coco. And, every child’s favorite treat, eating dinner on the couch! We paused halfway through to sing “Happy Birthday” and blow out the candles on a red velvet cupcake and then twenty minutes later we paused to do it again šŸ˜‚ He felt really warm but no fever that night and fell asleep in about 30 seconds, a surefire sign something wasn’t right ā˜¹

Our boy was just not feeling it on Friday. Warm again but no fever and kept telling us his teeth hurt and he needed medicine. Lori did the best she could with him all day but by the time she left, and we had a ton of decorations to put up, he was really not in a good mood. He surprisingly actually ate some of this lentil curry I made for dinner (which was much spicier than I had anticipated!) but he cried through his entire bath and didn’t even want to read a book before bed. Again, he fell asleep super quick too! Poor guy. Joey and I finished up our decorating and watched GBBO before we went to bed. Maxy, Syabira and Sandro are my favorites!

Party time! Demps was still kind of cranky Saturday morning but we hoped the party would make him feel better, or at least distract him šŸ˜‹ I want to take some credit for all the decor, but it was Joey! He blew up all of those balloons, made and hung that garland and strung all those streamers. I guess I helped pick and buy all of those things a month or so ago, but felt like he really pulled it all together šŸ„°

Last year’s party with all the friends and all the family was so fun and I would do it again for a first birthday, but it was pretty nice just having immediate family and a few close friends right there at our house this year šŸ¤ Probably less overwhelming for Dempsey too. He got some really good gifts and Mason was so good at helping him open everything. Henry was pretty good at helping him eat his cake too šŸ˜‚

Obviously needed to make everyone there take a picture with the birthday boy šŸ˜‚šŸ¤ He was both all sugared up and totally exhausted by the time people started leaving, so we let him say goodbye then put him down for a nap. My family stuck around for a bit and Joey, Lori, Adam and Lauren headed over to Coors Field for their rooftop golfing event. Demps slept till three and then because I was tired and he was back to feeling kind of crummy, I maybe let him watch TV, eat Cheetos and drink fruit punch till Joey got home šŸ˜‹ We also walked down the street to see this inflatable dragon one of our neighbors has in her yard and even though it’s hard to carry him these days, he wanted me to hold him and how could I say no?? We ordered from Vital Root for dinner then put that poor boy to bed early again. Started Searching for Bobby Fischer afterward but only made it 40 minutes in. I guess that party took it out of us too! šŸ˜‚

A single photo to share from Sunday but Dempsey was back to his normal self, thank goodness and we were otherwise busy cleaning up our giant mess of new toys all day šŸ˜‚ We also had a bunch of clothes to go through — Christmas PJs, new stuff from Hannah for both Dempsey and I, maternity photo shoot options — laundry to do and groceries to order, unload and make salads from. We were all wiped by the end of the day, so luckily we had leftovers to pull out for dinner. Finished our movie after Dempsey’s bedtime and I sure do miss a straightforward 90s drama. Nothing flashy, just a good story and actors playing normal people (or as normal as a child chess prodigy can be šŸ˜‹). Also, just Joan Allen. I love her in everything. Hope you all had a good weekend!

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