Weekend Things

Lots of pictures of the kids from this weekend because Joey was in Vegas from Thursday to late Saturday and I had them (mostly) to myself. Figuring out how to juggle two kids with different schedules, nap needs, bath times and supervision requirements is quite the trick and I definitely don’t have it down but we made it through. Actually, I had fun. I love having one-on-two time with them 🤍

Friday, Dempsey and Grandma took Lydia and I to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science to show us the dinosaurs. He got to check out the Discovery Zone for the first time and seemed to really like it! Lori left around 5 and the three of us cuddled, FaceTimed Joey, ate dinner and then I put Dempsey to bed and he was easy-peasy that night 🙌🏻

I was kind of worried for Saturday because I was going to be on my own all day but everyone behaved. Thank goodness Lydia likes the baby carrier and will sleep in there so I can be more hands on with Dempsey (though he did still get a highlighter and draw on the toilet seat 😅). I even gave him a bath while she chilled in her Boppy. He ran to his room to get a book and read it to her afterward 🥹 He loves her so much! And he helped me take her photo for her THREE MONTH ANNIVERSARY! When did that happen?? She can still be such a crier if she gets tired but when she’s happy, she’s so happy. Her smiles make everything worth it 💞

After Dempsey’s nap, we hung out for a bit and packed his duffel bag because he was staying the night at my parents’ and then we headed over there. But first, dinner! My mom made corned beef and cabbage for St. Patrick’s Day and even though Dempsey ate some right away, he was too excited about all “new” stuff (you know, like the blinds and a back scratcher 🤦🏻‍♀️) to play with at my parents’ to sit and eat. Also Lydia cried almost the entire time, so between that and Dempsey running around, I felt like my brain was going to explode. Ate dessert with everyone, said good night and goodbye to Demps and zipped that little girl home where she promptly passed out.

Joey made it home late Saturday and then Sunday morning, we hit up Stowaway. I’ll forever have so many complaints about that place but then keep returning for their excellent coffee and food. That rose & pistachio donut was so good! Lydia did so good and barely made a peep in there.

Joey picked Dempsey up from my parents’ just a little bit later. He apparently was up till 11:30 and had woken my mom up before 7 by poking her in the nose 😂😬 The rest of the day included grocery delivery, laundry, a run for me, strawberry Cobb salads for dinner and a crabbier-than-usual toddler 😅

I’m back to work today, so everyone be gentle with me this week 😋 Wish us all luck!