Weekend Things

Lots of big things happening this week! I went back to work, we started putting our girl to bed much earlier and she rolled over for the first time! Also Jimin of BTS put out a solo album and I believe he timed this specifically for me, knowing Iā€™d need a pick me up at the end of an emotional week.

My work schedule is going to be different now so that Iā€™m able to spend some time with the kids on Mondays and Wednesdays, which is so so nice. And even though the first week back in the office is mostly just catching up with the other employees, it felt so nice being there and knowing Demps and Lydia were taken care of and having fun with their grandparents.

Friday is my “flex day,” so I started it with a baby blue manicure (Dempsey’s suggestion šŸ’™) then tried to fit in too many other things in addition to some work. Note to self: don’t overschedule! After the kids and Joey were both home, we made a spontaneous decision to go out to dinner. Plan A to go to Cart-Driver for pizza did not work out when the wait was over an hour, so we Plan B’d our way to Tocabe instead. Fast casual seems to work out pretty well anyway. After Dempsey was in bed, we watched last week’s episode of Top Chef and there is just no hope for Joey to learn anyone’s name by the end of this season šŸ˜‚

Ricotta pancakes with blueberry sauce to start Saturday morning. Always trying to breathe through my impatience and anxiety on weekend mornings, knowing breastfeeding takes so long and baby only has about an hour and a half to be awake before she’s a little crying overtired mess and we want to fit breakfast in between those two things šŸ¤Ŗ We had plenty of time though and after she was peacefully napping, we watched Jimin’s performance of “Like Crazy” on Jimmy Fallon. Dempsey remarked “look at all those Jimins” about the group of dancers and then wanted to watch it a second time, which was obviously fine by me! Got ourselves ready and out the door a little bit later to head to Bobby and Becca’s baby shower. We were all in the garage waiting for Dempsey and when I peeked into the backyard he was shoveling snow in a straw hat šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚ I can’t with this kid, he’s too funny! We had a good time at the shower. Becca looked beautiful and Dempsey managed to spill a drink during the 30 seconds I wasn’t right next to him. Lydia needed a full outfit change as soon as we got there but made up for it by taking a little nap in Joey’s arms šŸ¤

Back at home, naps for everyone except mom (unless you count the five minutes I closed my eyes for as a nap šŸ˜‚) and then once Dempsey was up, we did some kids’ closet organization. No one tells you how much time you’re going to spend emptying/re-filling your child’s closet once you become a parent. They grow so fast and it feels like a constant project to keep up! Made us some salmon + a radish and edamame saute for dinner and Dempsey absolutely ate the entire batch of yogurt sauce before we even sat down, so I had to remake it šŸ˜‚ I was pleased and impressed that he ate a handful of radish! Made the decision to put our girl down in her bassinet instead of holding her downstairs and it was SO STRANGE being on the couch by ourselves completely hands-free. We missed her but she did so good. Fired up The Northman and only watched a third before feeling like I was going to fall asleep sitting up. I loved the director’s previous film, The Lighthouse, but this one is… “not great, Bob!” Ugh, not looking forward to the rest of it, honestly.

A pretty simple Sunday. Woke up and fed the baby before heading out on a coffee run. Joey is so good at just grabbing Demps or Lydia and running an errand with them in tow, but I am quicker and less stressed if I go by myself šŸ˜… Joey was just finishing up breakfast sandwiches for us all when I got back. Dempsey is loving those lately and almost finished the whole thing šŸ˜ A bit later, I headed out for a haircut and while I was gone, our little lady rolled from back to front for the first time. Please stop growing up so fast! When I got home, Dempsey asked me where my haircut went and then told me it looked nice. He napped, Joey and I did some chores, both kids got baths and then we went to dinner with Grandpa Steve and Lorna at Sunnyside Supper Club. We had a senator sitting behind us on one side and a Top Chef alum sitting behind us on the other side, so I guess Sunnyside Supper Club is the place to be! We had great drinks and food and a nice catch up with everyone. Back at home, bed for both kids and SNL from three weeks ago for us. I have almost no idea who Travis Kelce is but I thought he was really good and even better than a lot of actual actors they have host.

We have snow and 40-degree temps today and I am so over it and ready for warm weather. Hopefully it is just around the corner. Happy Monday!