A Spring Trip to New Orleans

Ahh, spring in New Orleans. Nothing better 🤍 The city is just fully in bloom, beautiful and warm without being humid, plus snoballs and crawfish are in season. Truly the best time of year to be there! We lucked out and didn’t even get any rain. It was Lydia’s first time there (and first plane ride/vacation ever!) and both Dempsey and Lori’s second and wow, we just had the best time. Well, actually, I developed a cold and breastfeeding on the go had me feeling like I was going to end up with mastitis on that trip, but otherwise it was a perfect time. Feeling very lucky that our babies are such good and adaptable travelers. Lydia slept through both flights and basically every activity we did and Demps napped and slept in a big bed like he’d been doing it his whole life. One thing’s for certain — two grandmas is the only way to travel!

Two good kids on the plane / The longest wait for a rental car / Baby’s first Yoo-Hoo / Nosediving into a tray of spicy crawfish

Breakfast at Surrey’s is a must / Everything closed on Mondays down Magazine means pivoting with a trip to the Quarter / Streetcar breastfeeding / Beignets and a walk along the river / The best BBQ I’ve ever had at The Joint / Twilight swinging / Getting wrangled for bed by two grandmas

District Donuts / Audubon Zoo and the freakiest (but coolest) white gator / Dempsey’s first snoball! / TV time with Mom / Beaded balcony / Garlic knots with aged provolone fonduta at Pizza Domenica

Morning walk through the Garden District / Molly’s Rise & Shine / Mardi Gras World — none of us had ever been and I thought it was very cool and informative, plus free King Cake! — Parkway for shrimp sandwiches and lunchtime cocktails / Port Orleans for snacks, beers, ring toss, pinball and time with my uncle

Coffee and pastries at Orleans Coffee Espresso Bar / A King Cake teether I couldn’t pass up / Lake Lawn Metairie Cemetery — I think 1779 was the earliest date we saw! / Collard Green Melt at Turkey & the Wolf (though I preferred the Fried Bologna)

I think we ate, drank and played well this trip. I can’t wait to go back!

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