Weekend Things

After a vacation, a cold and a busy weekend, THIS weekend of warm weather and no plans was just what the doctor ordered. Now that being said, it was a bit of a rough weekend for our Lydia girl. Friday she had an allergic reaction to the peanut butter they tested her with at her 4 month appointment 😱 and we decided to drop the swaddle cold turkey, so it’s been a tiring few days to say the least. Still, we had park time, a much needed run for me, some spur of the moment organizing, breakfast in Boulder and a beautiful walk down Pearl Street to keep us going.

Parenting can be so hard and frustrating but these little smiles are just the best! My doctor did not seem overly concerned about Lydia breaking out in a rash when they put peanut butter on her arm but this is a peanut-centric household so I am! Back at home, I got almost no work done but sometimes your daughter needs you to hold her hand while she sleeps so what’s a mom to do? Joey brought Dempsey home where he proceeded to “backhoe” in the garden 😂

Shocking us all, Lyds slept perfectly from 8:30-6:30! And then she took a really good Saturday morning nap too! And that was the last good moment of sleep we’ve all had since then 😅🥱 I made us Earl Grey waffles and Joey and Dempsey whipped up a honey whipped cream that I think Dempsey enjoyed just a little bit 😂 He did start out by saying we couldn’t eat it because it had raw egg but when he found out it didn’t, he was a goner! (Not that he’s ever followed that rule anyway!) The rest of the day was spent inspecting the garden, showing off our crocs 😂, playing at the park — we walked then I jogged around the lake while Joey and the kids played and got back in time to see a literal fistfight between two little boys 😬 — and grilling brats for dinner. Started up RBG after Demps went to bed but between a combo of tiredness and Lydia just losing her mind and not falling asleep, we didn’t make it far.

Please enjoy a million tulip photos from our trip to the Pearl Street Mall yesterday 😋😍 We decided to have breakfast in Boulder then head to the mall to see the tulips and pick out a kite at Into the Wind and it was such a nice little morning except that Joey and I were zombie status after Lydia kept waking herself up all night. Yikes, it was a rough one and Joey took the brunt of it. We’ve been talking about the Bolder Boulder so Dempsey kept asking if we were going to “Boulder Boulder” 😂😂 Joey kept correcting him but I kind of thought it was the cutest! When we left breakfast he told me “we had a good Boulder Boulder.” Why’s he so funny?? Really appreciate that 32 oz dirty chai The Buff serves up 😂 And Dempsey was loving all the tulips. We picked out a cute kite then got ourselves home, Dempsey down for a nap and Lydia down then up then down and up again 🤷🏻‍♀️ I made salads, Joey worked, we did laundry and tried to fly our kite but it was either not windy enough or we just don’t know how to fly a kite. We’ll try again another day. Joey went to the Avs game after dinner so I put the kids to bed (several times for Lydia…) and stared at the tv which I think was playing The Parent Trap. Please pray for us as we continue our swaddle-free journey and have a good week!

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