Weekend Things

Hello and how was everyone’s first week of May? I visited the botanic gardens, started Beef, tackled Wednesday mid-day nap time with two kids by myself, watched Dempsey crush an ice cream sundae at Los Arcos and um, well, cried a lot. Just one of those weeks, you know? But we had a good weekend and I’m excited to show you.

Friday Flex Day means a mid-day mani. Feel like 90% of my nails were broken but maybe this clean up is just what they need! My blood pressure from that drive home in Friday traffic though 😱 It was also Lori’s 60th birthday! She took the kids to the zoo to celebrate, then the adults went downtown for dinner at Elway’s. I promptly spilled my $21 cocktail on Joey’s grandpa but he was a good sport about it. The kids were with Aunt Bean and Uncle Wayne and I think they all had the best time 🤍 And in case you’re looking for an update on ditching the swaddle, after three bad nights, we absolutely bailed. Trying the one arm approach mostly for now. Found her sideways in the bassinet on Saturday morning 😂

Aunt Bean and Uncle Wayne must’ve worn the kids out because they both slept in! Finally got around to eating breakfast at 9, which is basically unheard of in this household. Joey and Dempsey spent the rest of the morning at Home Depot while I hung with my girl. How cute is his planter?! Both kids got baths and naps in the afternoon and then we loaded into the car and headed to Lafayette to pick up pizza at Ghost Box and bring it over to Hannah and Josh’s. Lydia was losing it in the car so I fed her as soon as we got there and then we dug into our pizza. We tried a Detroit-style and a New York-style and both were really good! Then the boys proceeded to run around and scream for two hours. It’s all fun and games with the hockey sticks until your son is straight whacking the other two kids with them 😲 It was nice to catch up with our friends while the boys entertained themselves though! We got home late so we pretty much all went to bed as soon as we got back 😂

A super Sunday 🥰 Woke up and had breakfast at home. I made a praline simple syrup to mimic the latte I had in New Orleans and it was super good in my coffee! After breakfast, Demps and I left Joey and Lydia to go to the garden store and buy seeds and plants for the veggie garden. He wanted to touch every glass garden decoration but was otherwise a good helper. He picked out some tomato plants and an eggplant then started “planting” them when we got home. Afterward, we loaded up the kids in the stroller and headed to the park. I ran around the lake while Dempsey and Lydia BOTH swang (her first time in there and she LOVED IT) then we all walked back home for lunch and naps. While the kids were down, I made salads and Joey worked in the garden, then once Dempsey was up we got the plants and seeds in. Joey got it all fixed up nice and neat in there and after two summers of being pregnant and one summer as a new parent, I’m finally ready to give the garden some attention. Can’t wait to see how it goes!

I super quick assembled dinner while Lyds was down for her last nap so all we had to do was pop it in the oven later on. Joey had a lapful of kids watching Beauty and the Beast and it was the cutest 🤍 Dinner turned out really good and Dempsey had seconds and thirds even. Nothing makes me happier than that! After both kids were in bed, we finally watched Thursday’s episode of Top Chef. I always love the Restaurant Wars episode! Our lady had a rough night and I hope it’s just teething and it passes soon because she was SO SAD and so were we. Happy Monday!

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