Memorial Day Weekend 2019

This weekend… wow! ♥

Leading up to this Memorial Day Weekend, I almost did that thing where I look up all my past MDW posts and feel the deep desire to do those same things in an effort to re-create the happiness of past years but then, I didn’t.  We already had a few plans in place and they felt good and right and enough.  I even took out a few things that I just didn’t feel like I had time for and was able to let them go without any of that guilt or FOMO I usually feel.  Plus I made it through the Bolder Boulder, so I guess that means the weekend was perfect!


After what felt like much too long, we got together with Hannah, Josh and Mason to eat pizza, exchange birthday presents, get caught up on each other’s lives and most importantly, eat ice cream.  Mason looks quite pleased to be standing between two cones of Space Junkie and, I mean, can you blame him??  Hannah and I maybe stood in the regular line for 15 minutes before realizing they were out of our favorite flavor and made a beeline for the express booth where they luckily still had some.  In other news, Mason can walk, point out the letter O, play peek-a-boo, spot motorcycles and cheers drinks now and gosh, he is the absolute cutest!


We started Saturday with Lemon Poppy Seed Yogurt Pancakes and I already had four on the pan when I thought “these don’t look right” and realized I hadn’t added any baking powder!  Um those went into the trash, but the rest turned out great.  Afterward, we hit up the grocery store(s) for BBQ supplies — Joey and I were maybe on opposite sidbes of the produce section when we both heard “Screaming Infidelities,” looked over at each other and mouthed “your hair, it’s everywhere” to each other, ha ha! — and not enough other food for the rest of the week (oops!).  Then I left Joey to work in our backyard and headed to the mall to find a dress for an upcoming wedding.  I think I tried on about 100 dresses and finally bought one.  Have I mentioned how much I hate shopping? 😛

We went to the Rockies game that night and managed to see the one loss of the series but it did happen to be Game of Thrones night and I loved how they imitated the intro but with Coors Field on the map.


Sunday, what a day!  We started with our monthly coffee date.  Wait, no, we started by being minorly alarmed that I felt itchy ALL OVER.  I took a Benadryl and it seemed to calm down but not going to lie, I still feel low-level itchy today.  Anway, I had Hoja in mind for our coffee date, but then Joey suggested we walk to Huckleberry and in a rare sighting of flexibility, I happily agreed.  Toasts and iced coffee in the sunshine ♥  We went home afterward and really cleaned the house!  Felt so good to get everything spick-and-span.  We had ribs baking in the oven while we cleaned and they smelled so good!  Afterward, we mixed together two different kinds of no-churn ice cream (salted Oreo and strawberry with vanilla bean and white chocolate chips!) and I was DELIGHTED to discover it was only 2:45 and I fully had time to sit down and read for a bit AND go to yoga.

When I got back home, Joey had made a trip to Home Depot for a new lawn mower (our old one finally bit the dust), new doorknobs for our garage, a few things for our yard and the prettiest hanging plants!  I was so happy when I saw it all.  He is the very best.  We had this for dinner (YUM!) and watched Before Sunset.  I liked Before Sunrise better and also, is it supposed to be a compliment when someone tells you they have a wife and son but can’t stop thinking about you?


Memorial Day, Bolder Boulder Day, the best day!  We didn’t realize until halfway through the race, but this was our TENTH time running the BB10K, whoa!  We each held up 10 fingers as we crossed the finish line in 59:07 and I felt very proud and happy.  Plus, our family walked the race this year!!!!  We maybe had two whole hours between our finish and theirs so we walked to The Hill for coffee, walked back Folsom Field, discovered we couldn’t bring our goodie bags back into the stadium (this makes no sense…), walked back to the car and finally (another six miles of walking later…) got back into the stadium just as the sun was coming out and John Mayer’s “New Light” started playing.  Never mind all the walking we had just done, I felt peak happiness in that moment!

My dad and Lori came in first and we totally missed them!!!  I couldn’t believe it!  But they seemed to have loved the race.  We did see my mom, my sister and Wayne come in though and I was so proud when I saw them all run through the finish line.  Timing worked out perfectly so that we were able to catch the Women’s Elite race and the winner of the Men’s Elite race all together afterward.  Gosh, those runners are incredible!


We told everyone to come to our house for a BBQ at 2, then when we were just leaving Boulder at noon, hinted that it would be okay if everyone took their time arriving.  I was feeling slightly frantic trying to shower, get ready and put together a few dishes, but it turned out we had plenty of time and I was just about to text my sister and say “hurry, we can’t stop eating the dip!” when they showed up.  We got to use Joey’s new outdoor cooler, check our Lori’s cute new car and feast on ribs and it all made me feel so happy.  We pulled out the ice creams later on and the salted Oreo was amazing but the strawberry was a bit icy.  We blame the tupperware we froze it in. We were cleaned up, in our pajamas and parked on the couch by 5:30!  Joey and Andi (who was worn out from his play date with Huni) took a nap, while I watched part of Saving Private Ryan because it happened to be on and when they both woke up we started Game of Thrones: The Last Watch (I cannot believe how much went into the making of that show!) but by 8:30 I was EXHAUSTED.  I think I fell asleep the second my head hit the pillow.

What a perfect weekend!

Memorial Day Weekend Things

Gosh, I love Memorial Day Weekend.  Because A) 3-day weekend, duh B) I consider it the unofficial kick off to summer and C) the annual running of the Bolder Boulder!  What isn’t there to love about any of those things?  Despite the scary thunderstorm we had every.single.afternoon. all weekend, it just felt so damn summery and my happiness was at an all time high as a result.


Confession: I’m obsessed with Yelp.  I don’t visit a restaurant without first consulting my fellow Yelpers’ reviews and I don’t go to a restaurant without adding my own review afterwards.  I was recently granted Elite status on Yelp, which turns out, means I get invited to a ton of cool events, including shows at the Buell.


We got two tickets to American Idiot in the orchestra section (right up front!!) and it was AMAZING!  I should preface by saying I thought this show looked so stupid and I’m not a Green Day fan, but my opinion on something has never done a complete 180 quite a quickly as it did after seeing this!  I seriously loved it and now I have 5 Green Day CDs on my iPod.  Send help.


So in other words, I was wrong about American Idiot, I was wrong about Green Day but I was right about thinking drinking mixed drinks from a cup with a lid and a straw would be fun.  It is!  Also, Yelp is even better than I thought it was.  I just don’t think I can ever go to the Buell again and not sit in the orchestra section.  I’ve been ruined forever! 🙂


Saturday morning started like this.  This is the third pair of running shoes I’ve purchased this month.  I started with a size 6 1/2 and by the third pair I was at a 7 1/2.  I was bad and brought my debit card, you know, just in case we decided to stop our run short and grab coffee.  Or maybe I planned to do it that way?…


The afternoon was filled with a facial, an amazing fajita salad and our invitation design meeting.  We should be seeing proofs by the end of this week and I’m so incredibly excited!  I felt like we were ahead of time on the invitation stuff but our stationary gal made me feel like we were in a rush to get these printed, ahh!


We planned on heading downtown to hit up a food truck for dinner, but we were driving right into this cloud and it was making me seriously nervous.  It was looking a little tornado-y for my liking so we promptly turned around and headed home.



Sunday was all about yard work.  I mowed the lawn!  Confession #2: I’d seriously never used a lawn mower before Sunday.  I know… Now you know the spoiled childhood I lived.  But I fully intend on acting like an adult and helping with the mowing at our own house from now on.  After that and some weed pulling our yard looked 100x better.


Rounded out Sunday night with homemade chicken nuggets, compliments of Chef Joey.  Ketchup for me, BBQ sauce for him.  He used this recipe, which is actually for fish nuggets (that we’ve also made and loved), but used chicken instead and they turned out fabulously.  The chef and that recipe are the best!  Dinner always tastes better when someone else cooks for you 🙂



Doesn’t the drive into Boulder look fake?!  Those happy little cows, those flatirons, that snow way back there in the background.  It’s breathtaking.  And it was also perfect weather for the Bolder Boulder, aka my favorite race ever.  Not going to lie, this was the most unprepared I’d ever felt for the race, but I ended up running the whole thing pretty easily.  Extremely slowly, but still pretty easily.  And in a pair of shoes that I’d only run in once before.  That’s a serious racing no-no but I like to live dangerously.




Much lounging was required afterwards.  Also, seriously can’t get over how blue the sky is in Colorado.  I may or may not have just stared up at it for half an hour while Joey was hard at work cleaning off our grill.  Couldn’t help it, I was mesmerized.


Oh, and I bought this “Salad Bowl” at Whole Foods after the race and am so excited to cut me some fresh greens for big summer salads.  Let’s not discuss the price of the doormat that was the real reason I even went to Whole Foods.  Needless to say, I did not end up buying one.









We ended Memorial Day with a little family BBQ at our place!  My mom not only supplied, but made all the food — except that apple pie 🙂 — which I think means she’s either a saint or Super Woman.  Possibly both.  Joey manned the grill, I frantically washed dishes, when I realized we had zero paper plates or plastic silverware and half our dishes were dirty, and my niece and nephew got into any and everything, as kids do 😛  I think it was an overall success.

Weekend Events that Went Uncaptured: our second go at kegging (my hefeweizen is on its way and thank god because we just ran out of Joey’s IPA!), Joey chasing a moth around our kitchen while I hysterically ran from the moth, booking an officiant (!!) and a billion episodes of Mad Men.

And now, let summer commence!