Weekend Things & 10 Grammy Thoughts

Happy Monday!

Did you know last Friday was National Peanut Butter Day?  I was obviously prepared, but somehow managed to go the entire day without eating any.  I promise I’m as disappointed in myself as you are.


I was all set to spend Friday night at home, cooking dinner and watching a movie, then Joey mentioned going out to see a movie and I was suddenly all “Happy Hour, movie theater, spend lots of money!”  Root Down did not disappoint and we are pretty pumped for summer when we can walk there!


Joey played an alumni basketball tournament on Saturday.  He played 5 games in a row then took a 3 hour nap, but his complaining of being sore has been surprisingly minimal.  This is progress.  Meanwhile, I try to avoid anything that involves the word alumni.


Sunday involved brunch downtown with Hannah and Josh.  We hadn’t really seen them since before Christmas so it was especially nice to catch up over Bloody Marys, Bellinis and brisket.  Justin Timberlake is part owner of the restaurant we ate at so everything was all Southerned out.  I just created a verb there.


Other weekend tidbits included Captain Phillips, designing our Save the Dates, bottling our beer and of course, the Grammys!  The older I get, the more I question the talent of the nominees.  And I had a lot of thoughts about the whole thing.

1. Pharrel’s hat!  Okay, he took that right off Smoky the Bear, right?  It totally stole the show and I’m so glad he won so many awards because it meant seeing him on stage in that thing so many times.

2. Did anyone else notice it looked like Lorde had black ink all over her hands?

3. If you haven’t heard my Robin Thicke rant, consider yourself very very lucky.  I’m sorry but I can’t take someone talking about women that way seriously when they have been married to their high school sweetheart for 10 years.

4. John Legend was incredible.  His voice is the definition of magic.

5. We could’ve down without at least 8 of those head whips Taylor Swift did.  She also RUINED that Kendrick Lamar/Imagine Dragons performance.  “Down in the front!”


7. Paul McCartney & Ringo on stage at the same time makes my heart happy. 

8. I’m not sure I really like Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (what is that hair cut??), but the message they promote in “Same Love” is one of the most heartwarming things I’ve ever heard and despite Madonna being dressed as a 1970’s pimp, that wedding ceremony was so touching.

9. Did anyone else see that guy spit on the stage during the Nine Inch Nails/Queens of the Stone Age performance?  What is it with men and spitting?

10. Honestly, as much as I love award shows, the Grammys seemed SO long this year.  Did anyone else find themselves begging for it to end?

Weekend Things

Whew, I didn’t think I’d actually get a “Weekend Things” post up today.  I’m jumping right into it!

My apologies to any of my close friends who are reading this and have to see our engagement photo sneak peak collage AGAIN.  I may have gotten a little carried away sharing it on every social media outlet I could but I was just kind of excited.  Joey and I have felt like we had this huge looming cloud over our heads while we tried to find a wedding venue then get an engagement photo session set up before it got all winter-like here in Colorado.  We ended up booking a venue on Wednesday then scheduling photos for Friday, which didn’t get us much prep time.  But it was Friday or later this week and I did not want to wait.  I’m so happy we did them Friday as it is cold, wet and gray today and there are barely any leaves left on the trees.


Almost 3 hours of smiling, laughing, nuzzling and public kissing later, we had some great shots (or at least from what I’ve seen) and Boulder was looking especially beautiful in all of its fall glory.  We stopped in at West Flanders Brewery and the staff was SO accommodating and let us get all up in their brewing area to take a few pictures (plus we got to try some delicious beer).  I’m so glad we got to do something special and right up our alley during the shoot.  For the record, my ring is wrapped around a beer hop, not Colorado’s other popular green.  Also, I adore our photographer, Jo at Elevate Photography, and couldn’t be happier with our choice!  And with that taken care of, a HUGE weight has been lifted.  Now we can just look forward to our engagement party in a few weeks 🙂

Remember when our living room wall looked like this?

photo 1

Well while I was out getting an extra looooooong massage on Saturday, Joey was going to town on the rest of it.  We had the electrical moved out of the way earlier in the week so we were free and clear to demolish the rest.  Thank god Joey likes this kind of work because it is so NOT my thing.  Someone tell me I don’t have to feel guilty about that…  Or about posting this picture.

photo 5


photo 2

As can be expected with old houses (ours was built in 1906!), there’s lots of “fun” stuff to fix now that the wall’s down.  As in there’s a gap in the floor where I can literally see into our basement…  Such fun!  Meanwhile I cleaned out our second bedroom where we’ve been housing about 15 boxes of random stuff so we can move our kitchen stuff in there when we take out the tile and put in hardwoods.  Also, I think I’m about 90% done wiping the dust off of everything in the kitchen.  Please let me never have to do that again.

photo 1

When I was done, I retired to our room with this gift from my mom — a bridal magazine (she also froze some homemade red beans for us, she’s the best!) — then had to go out into the living room and physically remove the broom from Joey’s hands and make him take a shower otherwise I didn’t think he’d ever stop sweeping!  I woke up at 7:30 on Sunday and could hear him out there sweeping again!  I guess there are worse things he could get addicted to.

photo 3

Sunday involved this — a “Make Your Own” Bloody Mary Bar — at Highland Tap and Burger with Joey’s side of the family.  Turns out it was really just “Pour Your Own Tomato Juice and Spear Your Own Olive” Bar, but it was delicious nonetheless.  I truly love a good Bloody Mary and have such a hard time resisting any time I’m somewhere that serves one.  We also grabbed lunch (I was the only one at the table to not order a burger, oops!) then headed out to the Buell Theater.

photo 4

For The Book of Mormon!  I loathe South Park (same creators) and still found the musical funny.  We walked out afterwards and I could not believe how nice it still was outside!  I’d be fine with some more 60 degree sunny days, Mother Nature.

Happy Monday!