Easter Weekend Things

Things that are making my Monday morning a little easier:

John Mayer (I’ve yet to find a scenario that ISN’T made better by JMay), the fresh coat of polish on my nails and the fact that it’s called “Let Me Bayou a Drink,” Huckleberry Roasters coffee, the anticipation of Joey’s birthday on Sunday and thinking back on a good Easter weekend.


I wish Joey and I were consistent “Pizza Friday” people, but we just can’t commit to such things.  I will say, however, that that just makes it extra exciting when a Pizza Friday does pop up!  Like last week, when Friday lunchtime rolled around and I suggested that we swing by Whole Foods and grab a pizza dough.  Mostly just needed to spend $30 on nuts in the bulk section, but hey, grabbing dough seemed like an obvious next step.


When we got the dough home, we threw a cast-iron pizza together real quick and then Joey tapped our newest brew.  It’s a Hefeweizen and we ended up adding a slightly banana-flavored yeast to it.  That might sound strange, but it’s actually really good.  Post-pizza and beer, we started The Empire Strikes Back and seriously, I fell asleep halfway through AGAIN.  Kind of… it’s hard to sleep when Chewbacca keeps making those noises.


Vaguely remember saying “I’ll take my coffee in bed around 7:45 tomorrow” as I bid Joey goodnight and then because he’s amazing and far FAR too nice to me, he actually delivered me coffee in bed the next morning.  If that doesn’t set it up to be a good day, I don’t know what does.  At 8:30, we made our way over to Hannah and Josh’s to help them load up their townhome and move.  Furreal, my arms are sore and all I remember carrying is pillows…


I had an 11:30 Zero Balancing session with my Dad and I felt SO relaxed afterwards.  I texted him later in the day to report that my eye had BARELY twitched since I’d left my appointment.  And then I promptly made another one for this upcoming weekend.  Oh and I guess I was just collecting books from people all day too.  The Red Tent from Hannah’s mom Tracey and The Power of Now from my dad.  The book pile on my nightstand is looking happily abundant right now.



After my massage, Joey tried his best to convince me to go watch March Madness with him, but A) I was going to be the only girl/person who doesn’t give a @#%& about March Madness and B) I was trying to remain in the Zen Zone (I just made that up, but it’s got a nice ring to it, huh?), so I let him go and did my own thang.  Meaning I went to the grocery store, started making a cake, hard-boiled some eggs, FINALLY FINALLY hung up clothes that had been in our back room since our trip to Hawaii (ahh!) and basked in the glory of 5:30 PM sunlight.  Read More »

Weekend Things: Here’s to 2016!

I’m probably putting too much thought into this intro, but I feel the pressure to start my first post of 2016 with something as sparkly, fresh and inspirational as the beginning of a new year!  Lest I should waste any more time on that, I think I’ll just jump right in.  That attitude’s gotta mean something good for this year, right?


We started NYE with pizza and uh… the bomb squad?  Police were all over the area when we showed up to dinner and we later learned someone had been shot in the foot and the shooter had barricaded themselves in the neighborhood.  They were about to shoot off tear gas when we finished eating and I said “TIME TO GO!”  Despite all the excitement, we were still able to ooh and ahh over the pizza at Cart-Driver.  That clam pizza is life-changing.



We headed to the Avs game afterwards and even though they ended up losing, it was an exciting game.  The problem with hockey is that goals are hard to come by and if you look away for a few seconds, you might miss one!  I’m kind of a people watcher and find it so hard to focus on the actual game sometimes 🙂  P.S. I like that second candid picture better than the first posed one.  Also, I cut 4″ off my hair!!!  New year, new do.


We ended the night at a little NYE party.  We played darts, watched the ball drop, ate salted caramel brownies (that I made earlier that day while playing hooky from work…) and left promptly after the clock struck midnight.  And we weren’t the only ones to do that, so in other words, the struggle to be over 25 is real and these are MY people!Read More »