Halloween Weekend Things

Hi!  I usually don’t say this, but Halloween Weekend, please don’t go!  It’s just that this weekend was the best combination of holiday spirit, beer drinking, perfect weather, donut eating and friend time and I really didn’t want it to end.  But I guess things on this side of Daylight Savings Time aren’t so bad.  It’s Monday but I woke up and the sun was already out, instead of it still being nighttime, so I’ll take it.


Yelp is killing it lately by offering me tickets to fun shows.  I got this little email alert on Friday afternoon and even though my first thought was “ugh, I just want to relax at home though,” a quick pep talk from Joey made me realize going to a free show actually sounded pretty fun.  And then I took it one step further and decided we should act like young Denverites and go out for a beer nightcap afterwards.


And UM, the show was soooo good.  It started out a bit slow but ended up being so funny.  It was called Murder for Two and was basically a “whodunit” murder mystery musical, except there were only two cast members!  One of them played the wannabe detective and the other played all nine suspects and he killed it.  We were laughing so hard at some points.  Highly recommended!  P.S. The bathroom stall door was staring at me…


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