The Third Trimester

Guys, it is starting to feel like I’ve been pregnant forever. And as my doctor said “well it’s been 35 weeks, so you kind of have been!” But also, 35 weeks!!! We’re so close and I kind of can’t believe it! We still have a few things left to do (CPR class, breastfeeding class, sterilizing stuff) but man am I starting to look forward to holding that little baby on the outside of my body rather than on the inside.

I’m not terribly uncomfortable, to be honest, but laying on my back/stomach, eating medium rare beef, getting that giant pregnancy pillow out of my bed, drinking a beer (or like half a beer because my tolerance already wasn’t high and I am sort of scared šŸ˜‹) and just generally moving around normally again are starting to sound so so appealing. Also, as we finish up baby preparations and have either finished (or put on hold in the case of bigger projects) house decorating, we’ve found ourselves sort of bored. I honestly can’t wait to be too distracted/busy/tired to look at my phone for what feels like 16 hours a day šŸ˜

This baby is the wiggliest! I swear he is hardly ever not moving around, so I am starting to think he doesn’t sleep and that is genuinely concerning because Joey also keeps reminding me that he does not do well on little sleep. Eek! I’ve been doing some inversions, getting on all fours and bouncing on the yoga ball to help baby get in a good position and I think it’s working because he’s head down and centering up in there! My back definitely still hurts but my parents gave Joey some massage pointers and it’s really felt so good! And KNOCK ON WOOD but the indigestion I’ve had since the second trimester is suddenly way better/basically gone?? Perhaps it’s because I’ve stopped cooking five tomato-heavy recipes a week šŸ˜‚

Other third trimester happenings have included our baby shower of course but also interviewing and picking a pediatrician (seriously sucks to have to do those things by yourself because of COVID), getting my TDAP shot, finishing the nursery (that post is still coming, I promise!), celebrating our last child-less anniversary, lots of walks to the coffee shop and with the pup (but otherwise very little actual exercise), the return of the need for naps, just so many loads of baby laundry (HOW??), a very brief bout of pregnancy insomnia and just so so SO many middle of the night trips to the bathroom (I will not miss this at all!).

In case I don’t get a chance to say it later, I just want say I’ve really really enjoyed this pregnancy. There are lots of discomforts and worries, sure, but I have mostly felt so happy and healthy and like I thrived during this time. I’m so so grateful for such a smooth experience so far. It’s made life so easy and fun and I do not take it for granted ā¤

Weekend Things & Our Drive By Baby Shower

I woke up with such a happy feeling in my heart ā¤ We had our baby shower yesterday afternoon and even though it had to be reconfigured to a drive by affair (life in the age of COVID-19 is just so so strange), I thought it was perfect and we had the best time with the best friends and family and felt so super spoiled and loved afterward.

I’ll circle back to the big event, but let’s start with Friday, when my sis and Wayne came over to join us for a backyard movie night. We watched The NeverEnding Story, which I felt like I hadn’t watched since I was a kid but then it all felt so familiar as the movie went on. That scene with Artax will still mess you up as an adult though! Also, not to ruin it for anyone, but Falkor gives off a weird vibe. Anyway, it’s still a pretty great watch!

Who knows what we did on Saturday (a mere day and a half ago that I can’t fully remember šŸ˜‚) but I think it involved light cleaning of the house, lunch delivery from Salt & Grinder (we both ordered potato salad as our sandwich side and it came as unseasoned mashed potatoes??), one movie and half of another. I liked The Squid and the Whale a lot actually but one Noah Baumbach divorce movie is probably enough and Marriage Story is better. We started 20th Century Women afterward but didn’t finish it till yesterday. Joey really liked it but the plot felt super weak to me.

Sunday! Baby shower day! We got up (well, I got up and Joey was already up and had waffles made ā¤) and got ready and then my parents, my sis and Joey’s mom came over to get set up. I’m not going to lie, it was super nice to not leave my house and just have everyone take care of everything for us. My sis and I picked up 70 donuts and stuffed them in the cutest bags while the moms finished up party favor bags and the guys set up tents and then Lori unveiled this incredible diaper cake she made us. Can you even believe it?! She even put pictures of me, Joey and baby in our seats šŸ˜‚ā¤ I love it so much!

We weren’t entirely sure how this would go, to be honest, but we hoped people would show up in a staggered manner and they were welcome to park and get out for a little bit, or stay in their car if they’d rather. I think everyone ended up getting out and it was so nice to chat with all the family and friends we hadn’t seen in MONTHS. We managed to sneak this shower in before Hannah and Becca had their own babies and I’m so glad they were both there! Also, our block has something like four houses on it and one of them is unoccupied currently so we were basically able to take over the whole street, which was so nice. We all kept masks on and it was hot, hot, hot, but I don’t think it was so bad!

Everyone cleared out shortly after 1 and the seven of us moved inside for lunch and presents! My mom brought quiche and salad and I’m so glad because right then, I realized how hungry I was. HIT. THE. SPOT. After everyone was fed, Joey and I tackled our mountain of gifts and wow, just wow. We’re so blown away by everyone’s generosity and love. We got a million Rockies clothing items and baby is set for at least the next two years šŸ˜‹ I can’t wait to wash all the teensy baby clothes we got and stock his little nursery with all the things he’ll need ā¤ Also, it was pretty wonderful to open everything in this smaller group setting.

So now I am just floating on cloud nine feeling so loved and excited and happy and like we have 8 extra donuts to eat! šŸ˜‹