Weekend Things

I feel like I have so many good things to say about this weekend and unfortunately, none of them are Rockies related because OH MY GOD, the beginning of this season has been ROUGH.  Also rough was the fact that I managed to schedule a pedicure, a facial and a haircut and highlight in one weekend.  Life is so hard 😛


If it looks like we are melting in the sun it’s only because we were melting in the sun.  After last year’s Opening Day weather, I should’ve been grateful for warmth, but those first few innings were HOT.  Luckily there were clouds and a slight breeze later on but I think I still managed to get a sunburn.  It goes without saying at this point, but we had lunch at Biker Jim’s before the game and it’s official — I’m a fan of the new sidewinder fries!


Last year was miserable for weather reasons and this year was miserable for game play reasons.  It was 9-1 when we decided Little Man was a better place to spend the afternoon.  There was hardly a line and I couldn’t believe it!  Turns out Blake Street Bomber is just Space Junkie and my last bite was a piece of brownie covered in marshmallow cream so I guess I’ve never been happier?  Joey and crew went to Black Hawk that night, per Opening Day tradition, and I stayed home to shower off my sunscreen and feel ridiculously tired.



Saturday started with Whole Grain Carrot Cake Waffles that I loved and then I walked over to Base Coat for my first pedicure in MONTHS.  Felt so good.  I went with Taurus because Taurus Season is coming and also because I’d already decided I wanted a nice pink color.  I maybe emptied my entire purse and just had a book in there 😛




I saw those bright red tulips on my way home and was so happy about it.  SPRING ♥  Back at home, it was nice enough to throw together a salad and eat lunch outside.  The best!  Joey was out getting a haircut but proceeded to come home and tear out this tree stump and I have no idea how he did it without injury… I headed back out a bit later for a facial and even got to see my mom on my way out!  She and my dad were headed to a murder mystery dinner party later on, which sounded like my own personal nightmare but I thought it was cute they were going.


That night we ate leftovers and watched Avengers: Infinity War because um, I think we were half asleep the first time we watched it.  I just went back and re-read my initial reaction and was sort of shocked because, upon a re-watch, I really really liked it!  Plus it made a lot more sense.  Not only did we make it through this two and a half hour long movie (why though?) but we watched ALL of SNL after.  Who are we??  I had very low expectations of Kit Harington but then I thought he was great!  I guess I know nothing, Jon Snow.



Sunday started with Carrot Cake Overnight Oats (do I only eat carrot cake-flavored things now??) before I headed out to have my hair done.  The gal who does my hair is not only a master stylist but also my therapist?  She also does my sister and my mom’s hair, so we’re all just one big happy family.  Back at home, I threw together another amazing salad and how sad is it that hit-the-spot salads make me this happy?  Plus I got to eat outside again!


I helped Joey finish our salads for the week and read for a little bit before taking myself to yoga.  I had to park really far away because it was beautiful outside (YAY) and that meant all of Denver was out and about (NOT YAY) but I didn’t mind the walk and maybe took some glamour shots in the car before I got out.  Joey and Adam went to the Rockies game that night so more leftovers for me and I snuck in an episode of Mad Men.  Um how incredible is the final episode of Season 3??  “Joan.  What a good idea.” is my favorite line.

Please tell me how your weekend was, I’d love to hear 🙂

Weekend Things

I know you’re all on the edge of your seats, wondering if the salad-in-a-jar I posted on Thursday night was a success.

Well… it totally was!


Between this and Joey’s surprise suggestion that we should walk to grab some Friday morning iced coffee, I was in a pretty good mood to start out the weekend.  Life is fun when you’re always eating awesome things 🙂


Now that it’s May, the weather is warmer (except that the forecast is rain for the foreseeable future…) and summer is right around the corner, I am like TACOS.  All day, every day.  Which means reinstating Taco Friday.  Huzzah!  We made these Korean-Style Beef Tacos with Quick Pickled Slaw and they were just okay, but I give us an A+ on the actual steak.  For two people who don’t cook meat that often, we’re not bad at it.  (If this was Instagram, I’d totally insert the “OK” emoji here.)


I had a facial-massage duo on Saturday (tough life) and grabbed lunch with Mom in between.  We very obviously needed lunch dessert and I very obviously chose a glittery white chocolate tartlette.  P.S. There’s macarons and macaroons but they’re different things that are pronounced the same?  I’m so confused.


I spotted this giraffe graffiti outside my parents’ office and kind of loved it.

Following my day of relaxation, I headed home to where Joey had been fixing electrical stuff and being the world’s most perfect husband.  For real, we’d had a very conveniently placed outlet not working for OVER A YEAR and he finally got it fixed.  I could do without texts that are like “hope I don’t electrocute myself,” but I’m SO excited that he got it working.  Oh and I walked into the house, JUST as the horses took off at the Kentucky Derby <– good timing!  We ended the night at a viewing party for the fight.  I won $40 and now I think I’ll quit my job and become a professional gambler.


We had Sunday morning brunch plans with Bobby and Becca, so we were in line for the Linger rooftop promptly at 10 AM.  I felt like we were part of a secret brunch club.  It ended up being beautifully sunny all the way through brunch so thank you, Gods of Patio Weather.  I got chorizo breakfast tacos (tacos, duh) and a Bloody Mary and all was right in the world.  I later asked Joey if we could go to Linger every weekend for brunch.  He said no…


We spent the rest of the day at a family birthday party, then took ourselves home to nap because man, brunching and lounging outside makes you tired 😉


Ended the night with dinner and got sucked into two episodes of Intervention before watching Mad Men.  My TimeHop recently brought up an old post of mine where I mentioned starting to watch Mad Men and thinking it was really boring but now here I am feeling so sad that the series finale is so close.  That show, way more than being about advertising or the glitz and glam of being a successful New Yorker in the 60’s, is about the relationships between characters.  Those scenes between Peggy and Roger (two characters who don’t usually interact much) this week were so perfect.

Happy Monday!