Weekend Things

Baseball is back!

We got a dog, I think!

I’m not sure which of those things I’m supposed to lead with because they seem equally exciting!


I guess I’ll start with that second part, since it needs more explanation.  This little guy is actually my mom’s dog but between condo living, co-habitation with a bossy little dachshund and some doggy anxiety, no one was happy.  So this is technically just a trial separation but I dunno, Joey and I are already sort of in love so maybe this is less trial and more permanent.  It’s funny, we put off getting a dog because it seemed like it would be a lot of work and we didn’t really have time for one, but now that he’s here, it’s all seemed so fun and he’s just sort of folded into our life so easily.



Friday was the Rockies Home Opener and it was 25° and snowing.  I wish that was a joke, but no.  No one was actually sure the game was going to happen but we layered up and headed to Biker Jim’s anyway for our traditional pre-game lunch then hung out for a bit when the game was delayed an hour but then they actually did play.  Guys… IT WAS SO COLD.  By the 7th inning, I could no longer feel my feet and the Rockies were down 3-8 so we left and I think it took me the rest of the night to regain body warmth.  I’d never been to an Opening Day with bad weather so I guess it was a good run but never again please!

Joey went to Black Hawk afterwards and I snuggled with Andi and went to bed at a normal hour, which sounds boring but I’m pretty okay with it 🙂


I don’t even think we did anything special on Saturday — pancakes, grocery, lunch, a run that turned into a walk, dinner, Rockies game — but it somehow still felt magical?  We made these Sweet Potato Grain Bowls with Turmeric Honey Mustard before heading out and we were so delighted with how easy they were to whip up and how good that honey mustard sauce was!  I’m not going to say I wasn’t cold by the end of this game but I was way less miserable than I was on Friday.  Also, check out that new scoreboard!!!  It’s HUGE and I was only mildly distracted by all the graphics they were showing on there.

P.S. We won in a walk-off walk by Tony Wolters!



Sunday started with breakfast at my parents’.  My mom made the best corned beef hash and I drank too much coffee and got to see my niece and nephew, so I was happy.  Afterward, we went back home, watched the Rockies lose (WHY?!), did the usual Sunday chores, walked our pup, admired the blossoms in our front yard, then made dinner.  So, despite some badly-timed bad weather and a series lose for the Rockies, this weekend was sort of perfect ♥

How was your weekend?

3 thoughts on “Weekend Things

  1. A lot of this is great, but mostly just: YOU GOT A DOG!!! It’s the best life decision, I promise, even though it’s a change, it’s so worth it.

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