5 Ways I’m Making Winter Workouts Easier on Myself

Oh no, I just said the W word, but seriously, winter is coming.  

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been straight dreading the return to they gym — though I’ve actually already been three times already and it wasn’t even bad — so I thought really hard about how to go about this gym season thing in a way that I won’t hate.

#1 Build a better playlist

The “Girl Power” playlist I built this summer is great for office listening but turns out Adele isn’t exactly “pump me up!” music.  Sorry, Adele.

#2 Really try for only one morning workout a week

Truth be told, I’m a morning workout person — or just a morning person in general — so I can tolerate getting up in the dark and driving myself to the dreadmill once a week, but it starts to feel like actual torture if I do it more than once.

#3 Go to yoga WAY more

I always wonder what life would be like if I gave up running for the entire winter in lieu of yoga, then I remember running is free and yoga is not, but I think mixing it up is going to be key this winter.

#4 Build dinner plans around workouts

As in, it TOTALLY STRESSES ME OUT, when I get to the gym at 5:30 PM and have to wait for a treadmill to open up and all I’m thinking about is how this workout delay is cutting further and further into my dinner cooking time.  Need to coordinate leftovers night to go along with gym night.

#5 Stress less

I KNOW working out is good for you, but at the end of the day, stressing out about when to fit in a trip to the gym probably negates any positive effects it has on me.  New plan involves going when I can, hitting snooze when sleep feels more important and not overthinking whether or not I WANT to workout.

Are you a winter gym go-er?  Do you love it, hate it, land somewhere in between?

My Morning Routine

IMG_2332The other day, when I was hard at work…wait, wait, I was actually on Twitter instead of being hard at work (don’t be like me), I came across a link to a little segment Bon Appetite does called “My Morning Routine.”

Then I spent the next 30 minutes glued to my phone reading about how Justin Timberlake eats two breakfasts and considers himself “such a foodie” and how Carson Daly wakes up by blasting cold air and loud music before starting his radio show.

For some reason, reading about all these people’s morning routines was so interesting to me. I mean we all have one and they are all so different. And so particular. And so unique. I thought it might be fun to share my own. Well, fun for me at least.

Honestly, my mornings are never quite the same. Some days I wake up early enough to have time to sit down, eat breakfast and watch the Today Show. Other mornings, I wake up extra early, work out and run out the door with a smoothie in hand. And some days, I wake up, hit snooze and decide to work out or watch the Today Show another day.  I do however, always get to work at 8 AM, give or take a few minutes if something particularly attention-grabbing happens to be on the radio and I can’t bear to tear myself away without hearing why so-and-so hasn’t called so-and-so back for a second date.

Breakfasts are rarely the same either. Some mornings it’s a green smoothie, some it’s a piece of peanut butter toast with banana slices, sometimes it’s oatmeal, sometimes it’s pancakes leftover from the weekend and sometimes, if I’m feeling decadent, it’s a big ol’ muffin that has zero nutritional value and is most likely paired with some caffeine so that I can feel like a total crazy mess later 🙂

Weekends are a different story. Weekends are how my mornings would go if I could make up my own work times. I sleep in, sip tea (always Earl Gray with a splash of milk), watch TV on the couch, then eventually meander (I’ve always loved that word!) into the kitchen and make whatever breakfast is calling to me on that particular day.

So I guess my routine, is kind of anything but routine, but that’s how I like it.


What is your morning routine?

Do you have a natural curiosity about how other’s live their lives?

Which celebrity’s morning routine would you be most interested to hear?