Out with 2018 and in with 2019!

In the last weekend of 2018, I saw friends, watched my favorite baby eat a waffle, played a game that involved “bunnies in high heels” (???), cleaned up Christmas, watched four movies (Love, Simon, First Reformed, Inside Llewyn Davis, Vice), made gingerbread waffles, grocery shopped, ate Matzo Ball soup, went to yoga, puzzled, read, slept, laughed.  We ate one last 2018 meal at Cart-Driver and declared it our favorite place, then rang in the new year by popping confetti in movie theater parking lot with my sister and Wayne and it felt small and low-key and perfect.


On the first day of 2019, we slept in, then settled onto the couch with coffee and West Side Story (and maybe a small headache from movie theater Prosecco the night before).  I’m less into WSS than say The King and I, but how amazing is Rita Moreno in BOTH?  Stopped halfway through to order lunch burritos from Illegal Pete’s, which we decided is the best New Year’s Day tradition.  We had my family over for dinner and even though our pork loin took WAY longer than it was supposed to and the juice from the resting meat made a waterfall down our dishwasher (and onto our dog’s head…)  it all turned out fine in the end.


I really love having my family over on January 1st, filling up on homemade foods, eating a really good dessert (or two :P) and getting into bed feeling full both literally and figuratively.  It always feels like the best way to start a new year ♥

So here’s to 2019!

Thursday Night Highlights

Last night, Joey and I had ourselves a perfect little date night.  It started with happy hour/dinner at Euclid Hall, a place we’d known of and had heard good things about for YEARS.  I don’t know what was keeping us from going but I’m left with this “we’ve wasted so much time!” feeling that I get every time we go someplace and discover it IS as good as everyone said.


Highlights: The Itsy Bitsy Fishwich (say that five times fast!), beef short rib kielbasa, Telluride Russell Kelly Pale Ale and that warm and cozy feeling of sitting inside a restaurant dressed up in holiday lights.  It’s the very best and I’m sure to be back soon!


As for the actual show, it was really good!  Hard to beat Catherine Zeta Jones and the movie version, but I was surprisingly enthralled by “We Both Reached for the Gun” and the whole courtroom scene.  The women who played Velma and Roxie were obviously seasoned veterans and performed the roles so well.  I’m going to have “The Cell Block Tango” stuck in my head the rest of the day, for sure!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend — I know I’ve already started mine on a good note!