Weekend Things

It’s December!  Can you even believe it?!  The beginning of December means many things, like the KBCO Studio C CD release, getting a Christmas tree, celebrating Mason’s birthday, feeling like I can finally buy eggnog and being distracted by thoughts that are half panic, half excitement about all the things that need/want to be accomplished this month.  Tis the season!  That said, this weekend was really wonderful and I think it means there are good things to come for the rest of this month.


Friday involved pasta leftovers and us cutting it real close on making it to the Alamo on time to see Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.  My thoughts on this movie could probably span an entire post, but I’ll just keep it semi-short and say:

  • Nothing Queenie did made ANY sense
  • The magic looked GREAT, but at the detriment of making the magic in the original films look weak
  • Loved Jude Law but would have loved MORE Jude Law
  • Twists are dumb and (what better have been) a fake twist is even dumber

I have faith that once the rest of the Fantastic Beasts films come out, this one will make more sense but two years is a LONG time to sit with all of this.  Mostly, I am a person deeply invested in this world and anything that changes what I thought I knew about it is hard for me to accept.  In other words, I FEEL you, Star Wars fans!


Saturday started bright and early — true story: when my alarm went off my brain said “Tuesday?” — with a pre-Studio C breakfast at Snooze.  I was excited to see my sister, despite her claim that she wouldn’t be joining us.  Oh the power of peer pressure and FOMO 😛  We had our CD in hand shortly after 8:30 and it’s a goody because it’s the 30th Anniversary CD and that means extra tracks from the “Studio C Vault.”  It actually sold out by mid-day, which hasn’t happened in many many years!


We grabbed our Christmas tree — Noble Fir or bust! — and a fresh wreath afterward and had plenty of time to take it back home and sit on the couch for a bit before heading out to a VERY SPECIAL celebration… Mason’s 1st Birthday Party!!!!  Can you believe that little guy has lived a whole year of life?  It was a confusing moment of contradictions when I looked at a picture of him the day he was born and he looked so teeny tiny compared to how he looks now, but then a gentle reminder that he’s still actually teeny tiny when we bought him a “Dumbledore’s Army” t-shirt and it looked very small.

Hannah truly outdid herself with the party!  Everything looked so cute and perfect, plus there was Chipotle and crowns and Where the Wild Things Are decor everywhere you looked.  Mason had a cold (poor thing!) but he was still a trooper and I give his cake eating my seal of approval.  That last picture SLAYS me.  What a sweet mama Hannah is to that sweet little boy ♥


We hit up the grocery store on our way home and it was about this time that our early morning wake up call started to catch up with me.  Back at home, we watched a few episodes of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel — why did I think the second season had already come out?? — then made quesadillas (with pea hummus?!) for dinner, made it through the beginning of SNL and crashed into bed.  I think I remember asking Joey to read to me (ha!) but I was so tired!


I didn’t wake up till 8 AM the next morning and only because Joey was up!  Felt good to sleep in though.  We hooked ourselves up with our favorite pancakes and I even made coconut whipped cream to go along with, then we lounged about for a bit — this was also when Hannah sent me a picture of Mason riding the Sweet Cow we gave him and my heart could barely handle the cuteness! — before Joey left for football and I ran over to Whole Foods for a few things we missed the day before and left having spent way too much money.  HOW?  Spent the afternoon eating lunch, taking the pup on a brisk but refreshing walk and reading before heading to yoga.


When I got back home, we got to work decorating the Christmas tree.  We were being super dorky by showing each ornament to Andi, then holding him up next to the star because… I don’t know why.  The tree looks great though and I can’t wait to do that thing where I wake up every morning and see it all lit up out in the living room and get super excited 😛

I know it’s Monday, but I feel so happy it’s December.  Joey looked over at me on Saturday night and said “I just really love Christmas!” and it’s crazy to think you can be with someone for 10 years and think you know everything about them, but in that moment I was like “wow, he does love Christmas!” like I had just realized it for the first time.  I think his enthusiasm and happiness is rubbing off on me ♥  Please tell me how your first weekend of December was!

Weekend Things

How do you pick a favorite moment in a weekend filled with good moments?  Easy.  You meet your best friends’ baby ♥♥♥

The little guy was born Saturday night and I am so in love!  You forget how teensy newborns are until you see one and he is so teensy.  Plus, to the shock of us all, he looks more like Hannah than Josh.  If there’s one thing we had all banked on, it was that he would be born with a head full of dark hair, but the joke’s on us.  I’m so proud (and in awe) of Hannah and Josh for bringing this beautiful babe into the world.  My best friends are parents, whoa!

In other news, even if that hadn’t happened, this weekend would have been a good one.  Mostly because of Friday tacos, The Santa Clause, breakfast with my family, the Studio C CD release, Christmas tree buying/decorating, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, ricotta pancakes and that feeling of having fit it all in without feeling frantic.


Guys, I actually can’t stop making these fried broccoli tacos with “chorizo” dip and avocado cream from The Savvy Cook but I also don’t want to stop, so there’s that.  It’s a bit of work what with the dip and the cream and the actual breading of the broccoli but if you split it up between two people, it’s not such a big deal plus you can freeze the extra dip and make it easier on yourself for next time.

P.S. You all know my love for The Santa Clause, but is that part where Charlie says Neil won’t come in because “you’ll just end up saying something snotty” and Tim Allen responds with “not necessarily, could be rude or sarcastic, whatever it takes” not the best thing ever??


A Saturday of miracles: I convinced my mom to go to Snooze before KBCO and my mom convinced my sister to get up before 7 AM to join us.  A win for everyone!  But being up early on a Saturday isn’t so bad when the sky looks like that and breakfast is this good.  We got over to the CD line just after 8 AM so things were already moving but they had us winding all through Whole Foods and I’ve never seen them do that before!  Soundtrack for the rest of Saturday’s errands was definitely this CD.  I’m not super into X Ambassadors but their song might be my favorite.


We hit the mall, where I proceeded to buy a new phone case and screen protector (nothing like buying stuff for yourself at Christmas…), then decided to go pick out a tree.  I saw someone post a picture where they had set their tree inside a galvanized bucket and I thought it looked so nice and clean and immediately needed one too.  I love it!  I think this is our prettiest tree yet!  Though those branches aren’t the strongest.

P.S. Do you LOVE those ornaments from my mother-in-law or what?!  I can’t get over how perfectly personalized they are!


Aside from meeting Baby Mason, Sunday involved ricotta pancakes, an outdoor run, salad-in-a-jar prep and dinner.  So food, apparently 🙂  I’d been wanting to make that hasselback butternut squash for so long and I finally did it.  I sort of wish I had cooked it for another ten minutes but I was hungry and sort of over it.  Still turned out really good though and those Swedish meatballs are AMAZING!

How was your weekend?!