Weekend Do’s & Don’ts

You don’t even want to know how long I just spent Googling the correct punctuation of “do’s and don’ts” and I’m still not sure if I got it right…

Ahem.  Anyways.

Do be in an unusually good mood on Friday.  Also, do blame the gloriously warm weather and don’t take it for granted.  See Sunday’s freak (or not too freak if you happen to live in Colorado) spring snowstorm.

Do convince your fiancé to ditch the lunch you responsibly packed in exchange for a spontaneous lunch date and Udi’s.  Also, do sit outside in the sun and don’t even contemplate ordering anything other than your beloved Kale Caesar.


Do let the 75 degree weather convince you to jump right into summer mode and pull out the new hammock.  Do enjoy a quick siesta in said hammock, but don’t get used to it.  See today’s snow-covered hammock.


Do finally go see The Grand Budapest Hotel.  Don’t get your hopes up that it will be even better than Moonrise Kingdom (it wasn’t) and don’t get too attached to Jeff Goldblum’s character.

photo 1

Do start Saturday with a green smoothie and a lovely 3 mile run.  Do enjoy some patio surfing with your girlfriends.  Don’t order bottomless mimosas then decided it’s a good idea to accompany your fiancé to Ikea.  I was not helpful in doing anything but eating a $1 hot dog.

photo 5

Assembly still in progress.

Do pick a good indoor activity to spend all of a snowy Sunday on.  Why yes, brewing beer is the perfect choice!  This will be the second time we’ve brewed this IPA but the first time we’ll be kegging it.  If all goes well, we’ll be serving our own beer at our wedding!

photo 3

photo 4

Do book your bachelorette party weekend in New Orleans.  Do be beyond excited about it, but don’t think about how it’s not for another 3+ months.  I wanna go nowwwwww!

Don’t be too sad that’s it’s Monday again.  Or so I’m trying to convince myself.

Weekend Things

We were finishing up our ice cream at Cold Stone today when Hannah whined that she “didn’t want to go to work tomorrow!” and I could not agree more.  How is the weekend already over?

It’s funny, I was thinking back to last year around this time when I hated my job and the weekend was A) the only thing that got me through the work week and B) my chance to make up for all the fun I wasn’t having at work.  Nowadays, I have a job I like much more and there’s always fun things going on throughout the week too, but I still prefer the weekend.  Hey, who doesn’t?

IMG_4153Also, when this song comes on at 3 PM on a Friday, you just know it’s about to be a good weekend.  I left work a few minutes early to meet Hannah, Josh, and both their mothers at the first of four wedding venues we toured this weekend.  This first one set a pretty high standard.  It was beautiful, affordable and included a lot of details that might be a little stressful to put together by yourself.  But I think my favorite part was when our tour guide’s husband popped out from behind a bush (where he was fixing some audio wires) and yelled “Hi honey!”  Priceless.


IMG_4158Afterwards, the bride, groom, Joey and I went out for dinner and beer at Udi’s.  Apparently they’ve downsized their menu since we’d last been there and we were all slightly disappointed.  Luckily, that downsized menu still included about 10 different pizzas (I guess they have their priorities straight) and this basil, olive, roasted garlic, arugula pizza hit.the.spot.  Also, I didn’t even notice that cheese wasn’t listed in the ingredients and am so grateful the waitress pointed it out and asked if I wanted to add it.  YES PLEASE!

IMG_4162Saturday involved a hike up Mt. Sanitas, which Joey and I had never been to before.  We drove through the “Historic District” of Boulder to get there and can I just say “HOLY HUGE BEAUTIFUL HOUSES!”  I know Boulder has this reputation for being full of “dirty hippies” and homeless people, but there are some well off people in that city.

IMG_4160It certainly wasn’t the most difficult hike I’d ever been on, but it definitely got my heart rate going.  As much as I love hanging out in Denver and visiting all the awesome neighborhoods and restaurants there, the views in Boulder just can’t be matched.  I swear the sky is bluer, the air is fresher and the trees are greener.  I do wish the other trail-goers could have been a little friendlier though.  Joey and I said “hello” to everyone we passed and a lot of not-even-half-hearted responses were given.  What gives, Boulderites?

IMG_4163I treated myself to Rush once we got back down the mountain.  I know that place is calling these smoothies, topped with granola and honey (or PB&J in my case), a “meal bowl,” but I’m pretty sure blending some fruit into frozen yogurt and topping it with peanut butter makes this dessert.  I ate it for lunch anyways.

IMG_4166Saturday also involved the cracking open of our 5th homebrew: an IPA.  I’m more of a wheat beer drinker, but I definitely know an IPA when I taste one and this was an IPA.  Joey thought it was kind of mellow for an IPA and I kind of agree but it still has that super hoppy taste and overall, I would call this a definite success.

IMG_4171Sunday was an all-day wedding venue search.  We headed up to Fort Collins this time (Fun Fact: I actually went to CSU for my freshman year of college so I’m familiar with the town and it was kind of cool being up there again) for 3 more tours.  I thought it was interesting that all of the venues we’ve seen thus far have been completely different from each other.  This one in particular had beautiful flowers everywhere and how cute is that Victorian house in the background?

IMG_4173As a thank you for tagging along on the venue search, Hannah bought us all ice cream at the end of the day.  Plus, did you know it’s National Ice Cream Day?  That basically meant we had to get our fix, right?

Hoping you all had a wonderful weekend too!


What was the highlight of your weekend?

Did you celebrate National Ice Cream Day?

What’s the best wedding venue you’ve ever been to?