Weekend Things

I am sick.  AGAIN!  For those of you keeping tally, yes that would be three times in 4 months.  I now officially sound like a broken record and frustrated doesn’t even begin to describe what I’m feeling right now.  In addition to feeling frustrated, I feel like someone has been sitting on my chest for the past week, like I can’t breathe from my nose, and like the amount of coughing I’m doing is about to start a fire in my throat.  My staying out till midnight on a Tuesday night probably had nothing to do with my inability to recover at all this week.


Hannah, Beanie and I saw Mean Girls at Film on the Rocks this week and it was a blast.  Just so much girl power going on!  Not to mention Mean Girls is the best!

I swear I actually do want to feel better, but it’s summer and there’s just so many fun things to be doing on the weekend that I can’t help myself and end up doing everything but resting.  Friday popped up this week and all I could do was spend the entire day trying to convince Joey that we should be taking a half day at work.  I settled for a fun lunch break at Udi’s, which I always forget is pretty close to our office.


I also always forget just how much I love a good Udi’s sandwich for lunch.  This totally hit the spot.  As soon as the work day was over, I was like “cold, what cold?” and all I could think about was a glass of white wine.  Bur first, we picked up the makings for a new brew — an IPA to be exact — that called for 5 different bags of hops.  I think the most we’ve ever  had to buy for one batch of beer was two bags?  This one is going to be hoppy, to say the least.



My idea of resting is to only have two glasses of wine and throw an indoor picnic.  We cooked up a delicious dinner, threw down a blanket and picked out a movie from our Netflix queue.  The movie — The Go-Getter — was good, but not life changing and the ending was kind of strange.  At least I was in bed at a decent hour that night, right?


I think Saturday was what did me in.  We had our company picnic at Elitch’s and there was just no way I was going to miss that.  I hadn’t been to Elitch’s in years and I can’t pass up an opportunity to ride a roller coaster.  Or you know, all of the roller coasters.  Joey hates them but his cousins were with us so I had someone to ride with.  Four beers later Joey was volunteering himself to ride a “loop-di-loop” coaster with me.  He was pretty much done riding rides after that 😛


I also held Joey’s cousin’s teeny tiny 1-month-old baby for about 2 minutes before he started to stir and I got totally freaked out.  A bunch of our co-workers rode this crazy slingshot ride that launches you a billion feet in the air and then revolves as you come falling back down.  I felt nauseas just watching them all.  I’m all for roller coasters but I would never in a million years go on something like that.


I’d like to pretend I went home and rested after the park, but my friend Jenn’s mom was throwing a surprise birthday dinner for her and there was no way I was missing that.  Besides, beer and ice cream cake are basically medicine, right?  I’d never had this Tommyknocker Maple Nut Brown Ale but I loved it!  Joey is always making it sound like brown ales are disgusting but he’s so wrong.


But I guess it’s not the elixir of life either because I basically spent the entire drive home coughing like I’ve never coughed before.  I’m guessing no one is feeling any sympathy for me, though 🙂  I swear I’m making a concentrated effort to take it easy today.  I’m even staying home from a family BBQ in honor of my niece’s birthday, which was this past Tuesday.  I’m totally bummed but I’m guessing no one wants to catch what I have anyways.

Hoping you all enjoy what’s left of your weekend!


What did you do this weekend?

Do you like roller coasters?

Do you find it hard to take it easy when you’re not feeling well?

Race Weekend Things

Weekend Highlights:

  • babysitting my sister after she got her wisdom teeth out — it was basically an excuse to sit around and do nothing all afternoon on Saturday.  Luckily I left before she started feeling sick from the Vicodin :/
  • watching episode of after episode of Duck Dynasty on Saturday night — where does A&E find these people??
  • waking up to a hand-delivered Pumpkin Spice Latte on Sunday morning — Joey is the best
  • not being the first person to suggest Udi’s when we went out to dinner with Joey’s family
  • starting our second batch of beer!
  • running Color Me Rad with Hannah on Saturday morning

Here’s Hannah wetting a washcloth in her neighbor’s sprinkler so we can use it to put our race tattoos on in the car.  Totally  normal.

We forced Joey along to be our official race photographer.  And maybe our chauffeur too.

I did the Color Run a few months back, so it was hard not to compare the two races.  Overall, Color Me Rad was way less organized.  We sat in traffic (sometimes at a dead stop) for about 30 minutes getting to the race then stood in the “Check In” line for a few minutes with a bunch of other racers also wondering why they had to check in before deciding we probably didn’t.

Just crossing the finish in a cloud of pink dust.

The course was basically a field and I wish some mention of prairie dog holes and giant mud pits had been mentioned.  Although, I guess if you sign a waiver, you should expect those kind of things.

We look elated.  Or like we’re eating pink dust.

You got your color packet with your race packet for the Color Run and although you were supposed to wait to open it till after the race, lots of people didn’t.  It was kind of cool to start the race already all colored up, but you also had to hold onto it while running.  For Color Me Rad, you just grabbed the color packet before crossing the finish.  Not sure which I preferred.  How about one packet for before and one for after??

We may or may not have had a little too much fun with the colored powder after the race.

I seriously could not resist getting the color on Joey.  He was all dressed in nice clean clothes.  It was too much.

And I’m pretty sure this face means he secretly liked it.

Why are there not more races like this?  Color Marathon anyone?

As for the actual run, we rocked it.  Without rolling an ankle or falling in a prairie dog hole.  It was Hannah’s first 5K and she made it look like a breeze.

Here’s to another work week!  Oh.  And Happy October!


Have you ever done any themed races?

What did you do this weekend?

Do you watch any weird TV shows?