Weekend Things

Even though it’s Monday, I have a headache and my hamstrings are sore as hell, I think it might be impossible to be in a bad mood today.  Because: JUNE!  SUMMER!  80 DEGREES!  I’M WEARING A DRESS!  I think a lot of problems are solved simply by a change of mindset, so when Joey was lamenting that today was Monday, I told him he needs to stop thinking of things as weekend or weekday and just think of it all as summer.


If I told you I fell asleep on the couch at 9:30 on Friday night would you still be my friend?  We seriously drove 45 minutes to a homebrew store and when we got there they had JUST closed.  Nooo!  So instead, we stopped at Whole Foods, listened to the Rockies almost almost pitch a perfect game and started Top of the Lake before my aforementioned accidental passout.  Livin the life!


Saturday and Sunday mostly consisted of us doing yard work.  We set new fence posts for our white picket and I did all the painting, which means I still have white paint in my hair.  It won’t come out!  We also set pavers on the other half of our yard and tore out a jungle of weeds so that we can put rock over the dirt.  So yeah, I’m sore and sunburned but something about using your own two hands (and hamstrings) to make your home nice feels so dang good.  Plus, enough of that crossfit shit, digging a trench and lifting bags of sand is a real workout.

P.S. It’s important to still use the gate, even if you don’t have to.


I loved Joey extra when he was adamant about working really hard in our yard but also about not working past 5 PM.  We cleaned ourselves up on Saturday and walked to dinner.  As in, it wasn’t raining, it was warm and the restaurant we wanted to go to was that close.  HAPPINESS ABOUND!  We walked past this “good sign” on the way there 🙂


We’d been to Jezebel’s once before and didn’t have the best experience but the menu is full of southern favorites, it’s so close to our house and it’s part of the Denver Passport Program so we just really wanted to give it another chance.  I’m so glad we did!  The service was awesome and the food was really impressive.  I sipped a Southern Mule on the patio and felt perfectly content.  Also, my shrimp and grits were killer.  More of that Andouille and those big ol’ shrimp, please.

The whole walk home I was quoting The Wedding Singer (I have no idea why…) so we were so in the mood to watch it when we got home, but couldn’t find it anywhere!  We settled for The Big Lebowski, man.  Insert, Joey’s turn to fall asleep on the couch 🙂


Sunday started with pancakes and ended with us actually making it to the homebrew store.  This weekend has come full circle!  We also watched a few more episodes of Top of the Lake (which, for the record, isn’t really grabbing me all that much), cooked our favorite warm weather dinner and an evening stroll to the local library.  

Viva la summer!


This week I was reading a blog post that mentioned it being “late summer.”  And all of a sudden I was like, “NOOOOOO!”  Then, “Oh my gosh, FALL!” Then back to, “But NOOOOOO!”  So I guess I’m in that August limbo between not wanting to let go of summer and being so so excited for fall.  But before I get too excited about sweaters and chai and crisp apples, I’d like to take advantage of what’s left of summer 🙂

photo 1

I wanna make this Grilled Peach, Avocado & Chicken Kale Salad.

And this Santa Fe Summer BBQ Pizza.

I wanna ride my bike and buy local cold brew iced coffee in a growler.

I wanna wear skirts and dresses and crop tops that just barely show any skin because I’m not that brave 🙂

I wanna Happy Hour on patios and drink a Pimm’s Cup.  Or is that just a Southern thing?

I wanna take more evening walks and sip coffee on my front porch.

I wanna put basil on everything and have at least one pineapple make it to the grill before I get too excited and just eat it raw 🙂

I wanna be present to enjoy what’s left of summer and I just want time to slow down already.


What are you anxious to do before summer ends?

P.S. We got our marriage license this morning!!!!!

photo 3