Weekend Things

Viva la weekend!


Friday night blood orange margaritas never tasted so good.  Clearly.


Turns out our “herb chopper” is actually for making crinkle fries.  Hell yeah!  Also, this corn & zucchini pie is insanely good for being so dang easy to make.


Thinking about writing a whole post on how to make this toast.  Is this real life?  Also, Saturday morning iced coffee is what happiness is made of.


Oh just mixing up some concrete on a beautiful 80° day.  Consider our hammock posts officially set.  So winter can just be over now.


Just Joey and the three Ladies Dorsey.  Burgers all around!  And just a small basket of fries, cheese and bacon.


How genius are ice cream flights?  You’re saying I get to try FIVE DIFFERENT ICE CREAM FLAVORS?  Okay!  But… ice cream flight: yes, this actual ice cream: no.  A good rule of thumb for ice cream shops is “if there’s no chocolate chip cookie dough on the menu, just leave.”


I’m on a serious Pancake Sunday roll.  Whipped these lemon poppy seeds up when I was done taking a video of Joey snoring in bed.  He didn’t think it was as funny as I did.


Sunday: beer brewing + binge-watching Girls.  Season 4 > Season 3.  Starting to realize no matter how much I like or don’t like this show, I always come back for Adam.  He just always keeps you guessing, doesn’t he?


Ended Sunday with Shameless — we just discovered SHO Anytime on Apple TV, which means no more watching on our laptop with the sound all the way up and still not being able to hear — and my favorite meal that we make.  It’s this and this and they taste best together and at the beginning of spring.

Happy Monday!

3 thoughts on “Weekend Things

  1. Looks like a delicious weekend! I’ve been seeing blood orange margaritas everywhere lately, I seriously need to get in on this 😉

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