Weekend Things

This weekend I…


Went to the wrong Rockies game.  Lost 13-4 on Friday, but won with a walk off single in the 13th inning on Saturday night.

Had breakfast with my dad.  We talked wedding details, what it was like to grow up in the 60’s and how similar my mom and I are.

Got the most amazing facial and followed it up with a massage.  I was basically out of commission for the rest of the day.

Accompanied Hannah on a Target run where she rode around in one of those motorized carts because she has a broken leg!

Wrote bridal shower thank you notes.  If yours is written in shaky handwriting you can assume I wrote it once the iced coffee I was drinking had kicked in.

Made a zucchini pie and had the Food Network on for a majority of the day on Sunday.  The Kitchen is my favorite.

Drank mint-peach sangria and ate cheese with my sister during some Sunday evening Happy Hour action.

Welcomed Joey home from his bachelor party — he was in Vegas with 10 other guys… — and didn’t even pretend to be sympathetic that he was tired 😛



Weekend Things




  • Went to Louisville and quickly discovered that it’s a madhouse on Friday night…SO MANY PEOPLE
  • Had dinner with my family
  • Ate pizza with habanero bacon
  • Stood in the longest line ever for ice cream



  • Walked through the Navajo Street Art District on our way to get coffee
  • Ate oatmeal and drank iced coffee from mason jars… #HowHipster
  • Got a massage and a haircut in the same day.  Life is so hard!
  • Brewed the very beer we will be serving at our wedding.  Whoa!
  • Walked to a street festival and watched our wedding band perform.  Again…
  • Ate the famous Tavern Tots with Hannah and Josh



  • Biked to the 32nd Street Farmers’ Market
  • Ate an amazing breakfast taco and an even better breakfast sandwich
  • Realized we spent all our cash on breakfast and had nothing leftover for produce.  Womp, womp!
  • Brewed yet another beer we’ll be serving at the wedding.  Lots of brewing in two days means our house is permanently hot.
  • Hung out with my very-soon-to-be mother-in-law and got lots of fresh garden veggies out of it

What did you do this weekend?