Weekend Things




  • Went to Louisville and quickly discovered that it’s a madhouse on Friday night…SO MANY PEOPLE
  • Had dinner with my family
  • Ate pizza with habanero bacon
  • Stood in the longest line ever for ice cream



  • Walked through the Navajo Street Art District on our way to get coffee
  • Ate oatmeal and drank iced coffee from mason jars… #HowHipster
  • Got a massage and a haircut in the same day.  Life is so hard!
  • Brewed the very beer we will be serving at our wedding.  Whoa!
  • Walked to a street festival and watched our wedding band perform.  Again…
  • Ate the famous Tavern Tots with Hannah and Josh



  • Biked to the 32nd Street Farmers’ Market
  • Ate an amazing breakfast taco and an even better breakfast sandwich
  • Realized we spent all our cash on breakfast and had nothing leftover for produce.  Womp, womp!
  • Brewed yet another beer we’ll be serving at the wedding.  Lots of brewing in two days means our house is permanently hot.
  • Hung out with my very-soon-to-be mother-in-law and got lots of fresh garden veggies out of it

What did you do this weekend?

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