A Weeknight Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Raise your hand if the very first thing you do when you get home from work is change into your pajamas?  Winter gets a bad rap because of that whole sunset at 4 PM thing but, controversial opinion: I kind of love it because it feels 100% right to go into “cozy mode” as soon as you get home.

And the only thing that can make “cozy mode” feel even cozier is sipping on a nighttime peppermint hot chocolate.  But because we’re trying to maximize couch/TV/hiding under a blanket time, it’s gotta be fast and easy and this recipe right here is it!


Super Simple Peppermint Hot Chocolate

  • 1 cup milk of choice (I use soy because I think it’s creamier than almond and creamy is really what we’re going for here)
  • 2 pieces good dark chocolate (I use two squares of Chocolove Strong Dark Chocolate)
  • 1/4 teaspoon peppermint extract
  1. Place chocolate pieces and peppermint extract in a mug.
  2. Heat milk over high until hot but not boiling.
  3. Pour milk over chocolate/peppermint mixture and stir until melted and creamy.

Guys, I was hesitant because I didn’t use a sweetener and was worried it might be bitter but this was SO GOOD!  I made one for Joey and he concurred.  Highly recommended to sip one as you watch While You Were Sleeping with just the lights of the Christmas tree on.

Let’s make this our new winter weeknight routine, okay?!

What I’m Loving Lately: Embracing Winter

I know “embracing winter” can be hard to do, but when cooler temps are the perfect excuse to drink all the seasonal coffee drinks, put on your coziest pajamas as soon as you get home from work, cook the comfiest of comfort foods and get reacquainted with your couch/TV, then it’s a lot easier to embrace this time of year.  I LOATHE being cold and shortened daytime hours are NOT ideal but for an introverted homebody, the “hibernation” aspect of winter really speaks to my soul.

But talk to me again in March and I will surely be whistling a different tune…


The West Wing

Okay, I know we started this series LAST winter, but it’s seven seasons of 22 hour long episodes, so we should be finishing it by the year 2020.  There are too many other fun things to be doing over the summer to find time to park it on the couch for hours at a time but now that it’s nighttime shortly after we get home from work, we’re diving back in!  Have to try really hard not to think about how different The West Wing presidency is from the one we have in real life…

A Yoga Routine

Okay, maybe “routine” isn’t the best way to put it.  More like trying to go to the same class every week.  But also trying not to judge myself too hard when I suddenly feel like a old inflexible person in comparison to the rubber band-y girl next to me.  Taking myself to a yoga class always feels so indulgent and therapeutic in the very best way.

Theo Ginger 70% Dark Chocolate

I happen to think Theo is the best chocolate because A) I can just buy it at the regular grocery store (not trying to spend $40 on chocolate that has edible pink glitter in it) and B) the squares are just the right size (those Chocolove square are just too small and hard to break!).  I also happen to think dark chocolate is best eaten from the freezer and this is the one I have in mine right now.


I know I’ve mentioned waffles in almost every Weekend Things post since the year began, but it bears repeating, right?  So far in 2017, we’ve made these, these and these (technically a pancake recipe, but also makes a killer waffle) and there ain’t no stopping us!  Joey even froze some of the extras and ate them later on by popping them in the toaster.  Here’s to being waffles-in-the-freezer people by the end of the year!

This.  And this.  Nuff said.