Weekend Things: This Is Fall

I woke up to this on Friday morning.

Snow?  I’m so not ready for snow.  Or cold.  Or anything even remotely winter-y.  If I had my way, I’d hit the pause button on the last week of September and live with that weather for the rest of my life.

On the plus side, cooler fall temps make Starbucks taste extra good.

This new little Starbucks popped up last week.  Only three weeks after they started building it!  It’s a new thing Starbucks is trying.  The store is teeny tiny, with only enough room for a few baristas and customers can’t even go inside.  There is a walk-up window though.  I can’t decide if it’s strange or cool.

I could totally get used to seeing these kinds of fall colors when I walk around our neighborhood.  Please don’t tell me that in a few weeks these will all have fallen.  I don’t think I can handle it.

Fall also brings Joey’s brother’s birthday.  I can’t say this enough: I love other people’s birthdays!  We went out to a Brazilian steakhouse in Denver to celebrate.  Basically, waiters walk around with meat on giant spears and you get a little card that signals weather you want a piece or not.  Do you know how many different cuts of beef there are??

Then Joey and I pretended it was actually our birthday and got our own dessert.

I left declaring I was never eating again.

Until Chipotle Thursday the next day.

Which has nothing to do with it being fall.  Or even the weekend, technically.  My blog, my rules.

I totally dig the beer and football season thing.  Except for the football part.

Nothing is more fall than chili.  And just like Starbucks, chili is better when it’s…well, when it’s chili.

A hot homemade breakfast with my family is like hitting the jackpot when you come in from the cold outside.



Just a typical Sunday morning with dogs barking, babies wandering, 3-year-olds causing trouble and adults trying to fit in a word edgewise.

And maybe acting like kids too.

I let my mom’s dachshund off the leash for probably the first time ever and she went nuts, running around as fast as she could.  It was adorable.  And so was the fact that my nephew who usually wants nothing to do with me, wouldn’t let me leave his side all morning.

I’m guessing he forgets all about liking me by the next time I see him.

Also back, is Joey and I’s tradition of seeing an early morning Saturday movie.  When it’s cool outside and hiking season is sadly over, seeing a movie (for cheap!) seems like the next best thing.  We saw Pitch Perfect and both loved it.  But more on that later, I’m off for more October birthday celebrating.

I love other people’s birthdays!


What did you do this weekend?

What are your favorite fall things?

Have cold temperatures reached your neck of the woods?  Did I really just say “neck of the woods?”


2 thoughts on “Weekend Things: This Is Fall

  1. Snow? 😯 And here I was thinking that it always snowed in Canadaland first! We’ve had some freezing temps here, but the white stuff has yet to fall. I’m kind of hoping that it’ll hold off a bit because I’m not quite ready to have to dress up in 5 layers just to keep myself from freezing. Besides, I love Fall…. the colors, the smells, the food, the fashion… it’s all wonderful. The only thing that sucks about it is the looming threat of winter!

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