Weekend Things


I swear I planned on writing a post about how my weekends have been way more low key and boring lately but looking back on it, it was actually pretty packed and fun.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, my life isn’t all that exciting and my idea of a fun weekend usually involves waking up before 8 AM and watching the Sex and the City marathon on Sunday afternoons, but IMO this weekend was pretty good.

Did I just type IMO?  Is that still a thing?

It was “Theme Week” for Joey’s kickball team and they went opposite sex formal wear.  Our friend who’s on the team suggested this idea, then didn’t show up to the game.  Go figure.  I don’t know what you do with your significant other, but Joey and I spent last Friday night trying on my old high school dance dresses.

Totally normal.

Also, don’t my best friend and my boyfriend make a good couple??  No?  Is that weird?

We went to Joey’s cousin’s son’s first birthday party on Saturday and this gift was a big hit.  And as far as 1-year-old birthday parties go, this one was pretty well done.  Trenton, the birthday boy, even managed to help open a few presents!  If you’re ever been to a first birthday party you know that this is a huge accomplishment.

It rained the whole time we were at the party but the sun eventually came out later in the day and we even went on a neighborhood walk.  I’m baffled that it’s already mid-October.  Halloween decorations and fallen leaves galore.

I posted this pictures on Instagram and gave it an annoying English major caption, that read “Frankenstein’s Monster.”  Because Frankenstein was actually the creator and not the thing pictured above.  There’s your lesson for the day.

At some point I forgot it was kinda chilly outside and got a huge ice cream craving.  Look, sometimes your body craves vegetables and sometimes it craves ice cream.  And I needed ice cream.

Sunday is usually the most low key day, but we actually had a lot going on yesterday.  Morning run, afternoon beer bottling and late afternoon wedding.

I also stopped to watch Felix Baumgartner free fall from space.  Now that we know he lived through it, can I just say, how dumb!  I mean breaking records is cool and all, but seriously, what’s the point?

Anyways, the whole reason we were busy all morning, was because Joey’s cousin’s wedding was that afternoon and we were trying to get everything else out of the way beforehand.  The Colorado weather behaved and it was an absolutely beautiful day for an outdoor wedding in Mid-October.

And my date was looking like a total stud.

I was totally preoccupied by this tiny appetizer fork.  Um, which I’m pretty sure Joey took home with him. We deserve each other.

The thing about weddings is that they are always such a reflection of the couple’s personality (or at least they should be!), so it’s always fun to see the unique touches every wedding has.

Joey and I did our fair share of dancing, drinking and eating.  I’m a tough wedding food critic and I thought their food was great.  And the cake was delicious too!  There might have been a chocolate cupcake afterwards too.  Joey claims it was bourbon flavored.  I claim he had had a few too many drinks and they were just chocolate.

And then Joey got beat by his aunt in a beer chugging contest.

Maybe cross dressing and spontaneous trips to Cold Stone aren’t what all the other 23-year olds are doing during the weekend, but I’m totally happy doing that.  Tiny forks, fall sunshine and the Cupid Shuffle are just added bonuses.

Happy Monday!


Did you have a toy car when you were younger?  I preferred to climb on top of mine instead of riding inside it.

Do you dance at weddings? If you say no, you can pretty much count on not being invited to mine.

Did you watch the space jump?  Please tell me I’m not the only one who thought it was completely pointless.

6 thoughts on “Weekend Things

  1. One of the regrets I always have at weddings is that I usually get so wrapped up in taking pictures of other people dancing and I never remember to set the camera down and participate in dances, etc. I think I’m happy with the shots from this wedding (I haven’t really looked too closely at them yet), but I do feel a tiny little bit of regret that I wasn’t on the dance floor except to shoot out there.

    On the other hand, I also know that when I do get around to looking at my pictures a little more closely, if I have that “one shot,” it’ll make up for the lack of dancing. I’m pretty sure I have that, too. I think I got a really nice shot of Ash and CJ which would be really cool for me.

    The trials and tribulations of being an amateur photographer!

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