Madonna at the Pepsi Center

On Thursday I somehow managed to suddenly acquire two box seat tickets to the Madonna concert at the Pepsi Center in Denver.  I coerced my friend Jenn into going with me, although neither of us were sure we even liked Madonna.

After seeing the show, I can say with certainty that I know I don’t like Madonna.  Except she still has some pretty classic songs that I probably couldn’t not dance to if they happened to come on somewhere.  And except that I hope I look that good when I’m in my 50’s.  Anyway.

The concert started at 8 and Madonna didn’t come on till 10:45!!  As in almost 3 hours later.  And it probably would have been even later if the whole crowd hadn’t been booing her.  To make matters worse, her opening act involved her pointing a gun at the audience while singing “bang bang” over and over, with a backdrop of splattered blood behind her.  I wouldn’t say that’s appropriate to do anywhere, but in Colorado, where there was a horrific shooting just months ago, I think it’s especially insensitive.

Moving on.  We left a little early but in the hour and 45 minutes we watched her perform for I heard maybe two songs that I knew.  Call me crazy, but singers put on concerts for their fans, no?  Well her fans were pissed.  No joke, everywhere we went we heard people complaining about how long she waited to come on, how bad she sounded, how disappointing the song choices were and how offensive the gun stuff was.

She also sounded like she may have been using the T-Pain microphone through most of the show and at one point she mooned the audience.  I will say that her performance of Vogue was awesome, but it was followed up by the most awful rendition of Like a Virgin.  In other words, Madonna proved to me that she’s the selfish diva I always thought she was.


Do you like Madonna?

Have you ever been to a disappointing concert?

What are your weekend plans?

6 thoughts on “Madonna at the Pepsi Center

  1. Ugh! That is beyond annoying.

    I do like Madonna, but that would royally piss me off. My good friend just went 2 weeks ago and had to wait for about 2 hours. Why does she think it’s okay to do that?

    • No idea! You should have heard all the moms in the bathroom complaining about how they had to get home to their kids. I guess Madonna didn’t care.

  2. Wow that’s horrible. I’m not a fan of Madonna at all mostly because I think her only talent is becoming famous without having any talent. She has a few catchy songs that I’ll listen to because they remind me of growing up, but other than that I’m not all that impressed by anything she does. Sorry to hear that you ended up having such a bad time – I’ve actually never been to a bad concert, but I guess that’s because I tend to steer clear of the divas.

  3. I could have been at that concert. I had committed to my 10 Mile training run that night, though. After reading your concert report and a slew of similar ones across the ‘net, I think I’m much happier I ran for ten miles.

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