Weekend Things: Universal Truths

Universal Truth #1: There’s no better way to start a Friday than with homemade pancakes.

Except if those homemade pancakes are made for you. And if one of those pancakes is a mini pancake. So adorable.

I jokingly asked Joey if he’d be making us pancakes for breakfast on Friday and when I came back from my workout, he really had made pancakes. Which is mostly a big deal because he usually stays in bed until ten minutes before we have to leave for work.

Universal Truth #2: Catching a beautiful sunrise over frosty rooftops makes being up early a little better.

I should have just stayed in bed, but my brain was still asleep and I somehow ended up in the workout room.

Universal Truth #3: The best place to be on Friday at 5 o’clock is at Happy Hour.

Wait, I guess that’s not a place. It doesn’t matter where, as long as it’s good, right?

The unpictured fried mozzarella was my favorite tapa. Then again, how can fried cheese not be your favorite? Happy Hour turned into an early dinner when we ordered a jalapeno, cilantro, avocado, fontina pizza.

Universal Truth #4: The Santa Clause gets better every time you watch it.

Yeah, I’m already watching Christmas movies.

I hadn’t seen this movie in a few years, and after revisiting it, I have to say it’s hilarious. Tim Allen is so great. I also knew way too many lines by heart. What can I say, I really liked that movie when I was younger!

Universal Truth #5: Having Thanksgiving groceries bought means one less thing to do before the big day.

The big day being Thanksgiving, of course.

Now all I have to worry about it is stuff like “when am I going to have time to make any of the things I’ve said I’m bringing” and “wait, this dough has to rise for how long?” and “I don’t have enough dishes to put this stuff in!” Normal Thanksgiving concerns.

Universal Truth #6: Baking is more fun done in a frilly apron and boots.

Universal Truth #7: Baking with yeast is always intimidating.

Well, maybe this is just a personal truth.

I made cinnamon rolls this weekend, then froze them so I can just pull them out of the freezer and bake them the morning after Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving day is a little busy, so I always save the leisurely breakfast and Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade watching for the day after. It’s like a two-day holiday, which is totally okay with me.

How gorgeous does that look?!

Universal Truth #8: If you almost drop your phone in the toilet, your life will flash before your eyes.

And you will also realize that you care about/rely on your phone just a little too much. Please say I’m not the only one.

Universal Truth #9: Finding baby pictures of your dad is the best.

Oh my god.

Later, we all imitated that face he’s making. Turns out my dad is still pretty good at making it.

Universal Truth #10: If you try to sneak a large bag of popcorn into a movie theater, you will have to get creative.

My sister was this close to pretending to be pregnant with the bag stuffed inside her jacket, but we eventually managed to hide it in my purse instead. I won’t even put up the picture I took of my sister. Because I’m pretty sure she’d kill me. We saw Skyfall and it was the one and only James Bond movie I’ve seen. The plot was meh, but Javier Bardem played the crazy villain flawlessly and James Bond himself is pretty awesome.

Universal Truth #11: If you get a massage on Saturday and a facial on Sunday, you will be so relaxed that all you’ll be able to do the rest of the day is park it on the couch and watch Food Network Thanksgiving coverage.

Not that I would know.

That’s my post-massage glow. It’d been too long since I’d had a massage and it was so nice. I may have also fallen asleep during my facial. If I could just pay someone to play with my hair, I would but I guess making my skin look pretty is nice too.

Universal Truth #12: If you see a girl who usually uses the treadmill walking to work out when you want to use the treadmill and you speed walk there to beat her, you are a bad person.

You are also the person on the treadmill, so you win.

Universal Truth #13: If your boyfriend is in Dallas with his mother for the weekend, you will hear more about the Cowboys than you’d like to hear and also be really bored and lonely.

I’m glad to have Joey back home.

Universal Truth #14: Any week that involves a day off for a holiday and a day off for shopping (or lounging about while others are out shopping!) is bound to be a good one.


Universal truth from your weekend?

Are you a James Bond fan?

Do you get Black Friday off from work? I’m looking forward to not working at 7 AM this year!

5 thoughts on “Weekend Things: Universal Truths

  1. Universal Truth of my weekend was this: It’s almost surreal to not have to think about taking a self portrait after doing so for 366 days in a row. I think I need to finalize another 365 photo project, and soon!

    • I guess that should say “finalize plans for another 365 photo project” because “finalizing another 365 photo project” sound like I somehow managed to use a bypass on the spacetime continuum highway to complete a full year’s worth of photos in a single day. Not that that wouldn’t be cool, but I’m not that talented when it comes to quantum physics and such…

      • I’m so impressed by that project of yours. CONGRATS on finishing! I think it would be so therapeutic to write on a daily basis, but then again, I’d probably stress myself out trying to fit it in every day.

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