Weekend Things

Rockies Home Opener Weekend Things.  Joey’s Birthday Weekend Things.  Red Headed Weekend Things.  Yes, all of those things.

Happy Sunday!  Yesterday I woke up at 9 AM after going to bed at 10 PM on Friday (party girl!) and felt exhausted.  This morning I woke up at 6:50 and felt ready to take on the world!  What is that even about??  I swear, the less sleep I get, the better I feel.  Is that a thing?


Friday was the Home Opener for the Rockies, or as our friend Bobby poetically put it, “the day I’ve been ditching work/school for for the past 6 years.”  When I was still in school, the first thing I would do when I got the course syllabus was jump to Opening Day and breathe a huge sigh of relief when there were no tests or papers due.


We hit up Biker Jim’s for a pre-game lunch.  The Biker Jim’s “classic” comes with a dog, a side of fries and a PBR.  One of the only places where drinking PBR actually feels right.


This picture is amazing!

I usually go with the Vegan dog, but they have a shortened menu for Opening Day — it’s super busy! — so I ended up with the Elk Cheddar dog, topped the classic Biker Jim’s way with caramelized onions and cream cheese.  Everything about these hot dogs tastes like the best of the best, down to the super fluffy bun — even if it sticks to your teeth so badly!


The streets around the stadium were packed with beer vendors and Rockies fans, so we picked a line and grabbed some beer with Bobby and his girlfriend Becca before heading inside.  Then Opening Day festivities commenced.









It was cloudy and pleasant for a majority of the game, but the sun came out right at the end and it was plain hot.


We pulled out a win — always a good start to the season when that happens!


Later on, I found myself with a mad sushi craving and the nice weather had us both wanting to get out of our apartment for a while, so we headed down the street for dinner at East Moon Grill.


We usually gear towards the more Americanized version of sushi.  You know, the cream cheese-filled, seafood-is-cooked kind of stuff, but two of the four rolls we ordered actually had raw fish and you know what?  We didn’t mind it.  Actually, the baked, fried and cream cheese-sauced roll was our least favorite.  Or Joey’s at least — I’m still a slave to the cream cheese 🙂


There were some cool Friday night clouds on our post-dinner stroll.


Saturday involved running, the first Starbucks Frappuccino I’ve had in years, dying my hair red and an amazing meal at Linger (which I will totally elaborate on later this week!), to celebrate Joey’s birthday, which was this past Wednesday.


We also somehow managed to fit in a stop at this cool little ice cream shop.


We stood in line for what felt like forever but it was worth it.  Ice cream always is, isn’t it?


Today — you know, the day that started at 6:50 AM — has been a lovely day of lounging/TV watching, hot yoga-ing, Chipotle quesadilla eating (another thing I haven’t had in years and was every bit as deliciously cheesy as I’d remembered) and yes, more Rockies gameage.  And we won again!


I hooked my wristlet to my seat and casually joked about forgetting it there and then I actually forgot it there.  Luckily, a really nice usher let us back through the gates and we were able to grab it and still make it back to the car in good time.  Oopsie!


And with that, I think I’ll leave you to go enjoy what’s left of this Sunday before the work week starts up again.

P.S.  Longest post ever?  Sorry!


What did you do this weekend?

Are you a baseball fan?

What was the last thing — food or otherwise — that you indulged in?

4 thoughts on “Weekend Things

  1. That picture of Joey and his dog IS amazing!! Though I’m pretty disappointed after reading that pure and unadulterated food porn describing your dog and not seeing a picture to follow! 😦

    Did you paint your nails purple on purpose?? If you didn’t, that is AWESOME! If you did…hell, that’s awesome too (only not in capital letters! ;))

    I LOVE that pic of you and Joey at the game! And from the look of the sushi pic, it looks like he got a fair amount of that sun while you were there! No wonder you guys were craving sushi…something cool and refreshing after hours in the sun? Sounds perfect to me…though you can keep your cream cheese! And hand over the raw stuff!

    Longest post ever?! Sheesh! Girl, you’ve SEEN the novels I can come up with! …I’m really trying to get better about that, I just can never seem to shut up! Lol

    • For some reason, it really confused me when you said “That picture of Joey and his dog.” I was like I took a picture of Joey and a dog? Duh, a HOT DOG!

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