Mother’s Day Weekend Things

Turning a corner this weekend.  Finally starting to feel better (colds are not supposed to last this long!) and it’s actually sunny and warm here.  It’s about time.  I’m sure we still have some cloudy/rainy days in store, but for now, I’m just going to focus on how it’s going to be 80 degrees this week, yippee!

On Friday afternoon, we took a spur of the moment detour to walk along the shops on Tennyson Street in Denver.  No joke, we walked past at least 3 wine bars.  I didn’t even know that was a thing.  We also had a good laugh when we realized what we thought was a Planned Parenthood (we drove by last weekend when there was a huge line outside) was actually a Planned Pethood.  Aka, a veterinary hospital with a sense of humor.


Stopped in at the ice cream shop next door for some Stranahan’s ice cream.  Their specialty was actually waffle sandwiches and it smelled so good in there.  Plus they had a Hawaiian punch drinking fountain! Seriously.


Friday was also Joey’s dad’s birthday.  After grilling burgers and enjoying some chocolate cream cheese cupcakes (uh yum!), we did a little exploring in the basement and I found these.  I loved these books growing up.  I think I was actually more of a bookworm as a child than I am now.


Half of Saturday was spent shopping with Hannah (whose birthday is today — Happy Birthday, Hannah!) and my sister.  I really wanted to find some fun casual dresses for our trip to Vegas, but after 3 hours and 8 stores, all I had was a skirt and a t-shirt.  Hannah left with some funky leggings and sleeveless Batman shirt and my sister left with nothing.  Not quite as productive as I’d hoped that shopping trip would be, but at least we got pizza out of it.


Later I made some strawberry simple syrup in preparation for Mother’s Day.  I do this all the time (mostly for margaritas) and it’s, well, simple.  All you do it bring a pot of equal parts water and sugar + sliced strawberries to a boil, then simmer for about 20 minutes and strain the strawberries out.  I also keep the strawberries and use them to top pancakes.


Saturday night was spent at Summit Music Hall in Denver.  Joey’s longtime friend’s band was playing there and he gave us tickets.  I’d never heard them before and was really impressed.  Wish I could say the same for the two groups that went on after them.


Naturally, Sunday was all about mothers.  My own whipped up some deliciously fluffy pancakes, while I provided this crock pot casserole  and some strawberry Bellinis.  I swear the plan was to have my mom not lift a finger for brunch but she doesn’t know how to do that.  She told me it was hard to watch me mix the pancake batter because she just wanted to do it herself, which is exactly how I am too.




I’d never made a Bellini before, but it basically amounted to mixing the strawberry simple syrup with a bottle of Prosecco and they turned out really good.  They also turned out to be the same color as this “sherbet” shirt Joey just bought.  Four of us easily finished the whole batch.  I think Joey drank one in his mom’s honor.  She’s sick and couldn’t make it to breakfast 😦


After brunch, we spent hours looking through old photo albums.  My sister’s hair in this picture KILLS me!  A million pictures of Easter egg hunts, dance recitals and seriously awesome bedhead later, we headed home to rest and take a long leisurely stroll around our neighborhood before Mother’s Day celebration #2 with Joey’s family.  It was a totally relaxing and fun end to a beautiful day.


Love you, Mom!