Adventures in House Renovating: The Bathroom

Before we get to the bathroom renovations, can I take a minute to complain about my first world problems?  Yes?  Okay, great.  Yesterday morning I woke up at 5:30 (after going to bed at 11:30…), worked out, rushed to get ready, dashed to the coffee shop for breakfast since our kitchen is disassembled, got to work late because of Tuesday night’s snow storm then proceeded to exit the car and drop my coffee in the snow and splash in all over my coat and white purse.  I think I was just running on not enough sleep and was hungry because this seriously almost had me in tears.  Bad mornings are the worst, aren’t they?  Okay, I’m done. 🙂


So, have I mentioned that our house is A) TINY! and B) OLD!  Oh, I have?  A million times?  Okay, well it’s still true.  We don’t mind as we wanted a truly Denver-esque house and that’s what you’ll get in Denver (unless you’re tearing down and building from scratch), but it means limited space… everywhere.  Our bathroom was one place we knew we’d have to be space/storage savvy so Ikea to the rescue!  I often think their stuff looks kind of cheap but I can’t knock them on their space efficiency…and the price.


Here’s the “before” shot.  Please forgive me for giving a horrible picture but in case you didn’t believe me when I said the space was small, this is proof — I can’t actually stand inside it and take a picture.


And here’s the “after.” TA-DA!  It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint and some new fixtures can do to a space.  I am loving this fresh, clean, modern look so much better than the dark wood and such that was in there before.

What We Did:

Paint: stripes in Baja and Roman Plaster (I think?) from Lowe’s.  We did pretty good considering our floor and ceiling were both uneven!  The laser level we found at the office worked wonders.


Toilet: installed by “Plumber Joe.”  He came up with that, not me.  I think I’ll spare you a picture of the toilet and our un-emptied trash can 🙂

Shower curtain: We got this curved curtain rod and liner at Target and it works so you get more shower space which was just what we needed!  Plus the white liner really brightens the space up, especially when the sun is shining through the tiny shower window onto it.

photo 1

Sink, vanity & shelving unit: all from Ikea.  I’d like to pretend that sink was an easy task but it was anything but.  The pipes coming from the wall were done really weirdly and the sink connection tubes from Ikea weren’t long enough and it was a pain to fix because they were European.  On the plus side, the plumping takes up no space so those are full drawers!

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

Mirror: I’m sad to say I lost the oval vs. rectangle battle on this one, but Joey was right, oval looks perfect!  This was the final touch and it was so fun to see it all come together.  Oh and to be able to see my own reflection.

photo 5

If you’re wondering how I took a mirror picture without being in it, it’s because I’m a ghost.

Now that all is said and done I’m so glad we did a little bathroom renovating.  Even if it didn’t actually make the space any bigger, it feels bigger.

One thought on “Adventures in House Renovating: The Bathroom

  1. What up Casper! You guys did an AMAZING job!! What a transformation! And I think the oval mirror is perfect…it helps relax the feel of the room so you don’t have so many hard lines (you know with the vanity, the cabinet, and the lines on the walls) and it looks like it works really well with the shower curtain! I love those curved rods! My tub is pretty roomy as is, but whenever I’m at a hotel and they have them installed in the bathroom, I feel like I should start dancing in the shower! 😉

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