Weekend Things

If I was a normal Coloradan, I would start this post with something like…


But I’m not a normal Coloradan so instead I’ll just say hi, hope your weekend is going well!  Despite the fact that our whole house is yet again covered in a layer of dust, it’s been a great weekend around here.  The perfect mix of being productive and being totally lazy.  Friday started with dinner and a movie.


We finally got around to cooking up some of those steaks we’ve had in the freezer.  Turns out our meat thermometer considers medium rare to be more like well done, but they were delicious nevertheless.


We went to a new (to us) Denver movie theater and it was so cool.  It’s a tiny place with only a few theaters but there’s two floors and one has a full-service bar.  We saw 12 Years a Slave in a theater that probably sat 150 people tops.  It felt very Denver.  The movie was incredible but so hard to watch.  At the end, I realized my entire body had been tensed up through the whole thing.


On Saturday I was up bright and early for some bridesmaid dress shopping.  This is me pretending to not know Hannah was taking a picture of the dress I decided on.  She gave us all the option of getting any style dress as long as they were all the same length and color but we all ended up liking the same one.  I’m so excited to stand next to my best friend in this dress come July!


I came home to Joey working on our exposed brick wall so I took myself to the grocery store in an attempt to not go crazy from the noise and dust.  I’ve been going to the Sprouts near our house and I’m not really sure how I like it. On the one hand, it’s nice to shop at a more Whole Foods-like store (bulk bins galore and a Toms toothpaste section that I thought only existed in my dreams), but it’s also A) crowded and B) catered towards people who probably make 3-4 trips to the grocery store a week.  Can I get a full-sized cart please?  I bought myself this treat as a reward for braving the Saturday afternoon crowd.


Lookie!  We still have to figure out how to make a better looking transition from corner of wall to brick, but I LOVE how this looks!  I apologized to Joey for having almost no faith in this project but he was right and it looks great!  We were going to pull some leftovers from the fridge, but my parents called me around 5 and invited us to dinner and that sounded like a much better plan 🙂


We went to a new place — Jonesy’s Eat Bar — and were severely disappointed.  We got a free order of truffle fries for checking in on Yelp! (which gave this place 4/5 stars?!) and they were delicious but it all went downhill from there.  No one was wowed by their food and my mom was served a po boy on a HAMBURGER BUN.  That’s sacrilegious.  It also wasn’t cheap so I think it’s safe to say we won’t be going back there.


Did I mention I lost my ID at the mall last weekend?  I swear the 20-year-old American Eagle employee I gave it to for a return never gave it back to me and she’s now out enjoying life as a 24-year-old.  We had planned on going out to see a band but instead we spent the night trying to locate our passports, which we found underneath an old laptop at the bottom of a box of DVDs.  By that point, we were over going anywhere else that night.  Instead I ate this piece of King Cake and watched SNL.


Today has been half productive, half relaxing .  We staked out at the breakfast joint in our neighborhood and got some wedding planning taken care of — according to our wedding book, there’s lots to do in the 8-6 month period — then came home for football and an at-home manicure.  I feel uncomfortable every time I take a manicure picture, I swear I’m not trying to show off my ring I’m just right handed!


Now I’m scrolling through the millions of Broncos-related Facebook statuses and wondering if we’d be expected to put up Broncos decorations if we threw a Super Bowl party.

Happy Sunday!

2 thoughts on “Weekend Things

  1. Ohhhhh! The bridesmaid dress is gorgeous…and YOU look gorgeous in it! Looks like your manicure matches too! 😉 And heck, honey…whether you mean to or not, SHOW that ring off!

    My dream house will have an exposed brick wall…and a fireplace…and a kitchen island…and a bay window with fluffy pillows perfect for reading! 😉

    Is that almond butter not insanely delicious? Oddly, I thought it tasted a bit like cookies! Ha!

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