Super Bowl Weekend Things


Hi there.  It’s Lauren, reporting from the super sad state of Colorado and that has nothing to do with the fact that it pretty much snowed all weekend.  I joked yesterday that my life would be completely unchanged by the outcome of the Super Bowl, but it turns out that even I feel depressed today.  I imagine every Super Bowl party in Colorado was as equally tense and quiet as the one I was at yesterday.  I think I’d like to go back to watching a Super Bowl between two teams I don’t care about at all.  In happier news, Bruno Mars?!  Amazing!

Much less depressing things took place during the rest of the weekend.  Like Friday night at… the movie theater!  I know, you probably didn’t even see that coming because my winter weekends are not predictable at all, right?


Remember when I said we saw 12 Years a Slave at a super funky and tiny theater in Denver?  This is their other theater.  It’s much bigger and much funkier.  We saw all five of the Live Action Shorts that are nominated for Oscars this year.  It was by far, one of the coolest things I’ve seen at a movie theater!

Saturday called for a hot breakfast — in addition to being on a green smoothie kick, I’m also back on an oatmeal kick after being kind of sick of it for basically the past year and a half — and um, Harry Potter?  I planned on re-reading the entire series but I’m halfway through the third book and kind of don’t care anymore.

photo 3

But the highlight of Saturday — and that’s really saying something because I also got a facial, had lunch with my dad and saw a fun live band with Hannah, Josh and Fletcher that night — was our first cake tasting!  Any Food Network Challenge fans out there?  You know Keegan Gerhard, the host?  He owns a restaurant/bakery in Denver called D Bar Desserts, so we obviously had to taste their cake.

photo 4

For the record, Keegan was not there, but I didn’t even care because I had all this!  A team of two adorable cake bakers put together three mini sample cakes, then supplied us each with a slice of three different cake flavors and a plate of all their fillings so we could mix and match as we pleased.  Joey went into a sugar coma midway through but recovered in time to eat a few more bites of cake.  We have two more cake tastings to do so I plan of being 5 pounds heavier by the end of this month 🙂

photo 5

Let’s see, we already discussed the worst parts of Sunday so let’s keep to happier topics of conversation.  Like this Super Bowl Saison we picked up for the festivities.  I may have dropped this growler in the car during the drive and it started fizzing everywhere.  I attempted to tighten the cap and that just made things worse.  Oopsie!

photo 2

I can always count on Josh’s family to provide good food.  If you’ve never eaten a Mexican eggroll, you haven’t lived.  Then I filled out this proposition bet sheet.  Turns out it’s a lot easier to do if you don’t know what half of the football terms are.  One of the questions was what kind of hat Bruno Mars would be wearing, so when he came out at half time, someone pointed out that he wasn’t wearing one, to which Hannah’s dad responded, “That’s not a hat??”  Best moment of the game!

Did you watch the Super Bowl?

5 thoughts on “Super Bowl Weekend Things

  1. Whoa! Bruno Mars wasn’t wearing a hat?!! <- I obviously didn't watch the Superbowl as I was working that night, but that's got to be the most shocking thing I've heard! 😯

    That movie theater is awesome! And I'm so jealous of your and Joey's sugar comas! Lol!

    Harry Potter is on my to-read list. Confession: I've never read any of the books OR watched the movies!

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