Best Moments of the Week… & the Worst

The Best:

photo 2

Beer Sampling

We have officially reached the best part of wedding planning: the taste-testing part!  I always figured planning the rehearsal dinner would be one of the last things we did but apparently you’re supposed to start during the 8-6 month period?  We’re hoping to host at a local brewery (I know!), so obviously we needed to approve of said brewery’s beer.  And we approve!


Catering Tasting

Like I said, best part of wedding planning = taste-testing!  We actually just got back from our second caterer tasting.  We worked with them to create a custom menu (um yes please to mini crab cakes!) and got to taste the full-size portions of everything on the menu.  Plus a mint chocolate chip milkshake to wash it all down at the end.  I’m stuffed!


Nuggets Game

Okay, of the 5 times we’ve been to the Pepsi Center this year, I think we’ve lost every single game we’ve attended.  I think Nuggets games are fun to go to regardless, but talk about bad luck.  In happier news, now that I have contacts, it’s really nice to actually be able to make out who the players are.  Who knew their jerseys had their names written on the back! 😛

photo 1

Amusing Text Messages

My uncle sent out a group text with this picture and a message saying “The Great Blizzard of 2014” had arrived in New Orleans.  Apparently, what would be considered a light dusting of snow in Colorado, is all it takes to shut a city down in the South.  If this warranted two days off of work, I’d like to have the same set of rules here in Colorado, please!

photo 3


If you’re reading this thinking “Good lord, I cannot keep track of whether this person is on or off caffeine because it changes every damn day!” then, well, you’re pretty spot on.  I’ve come to the conclusion that I can neither give it up nor drink it daily so I’m planning on living the rest of my life in coffee limbo.  This place — Huckleberry Roasters — just opened up in our hood and they make the best almond milk latte I’ve ever tasted.

The Worst:

We hit a dog driving home on Monday night. 

I saw it on the sidewalk just moments before but didn’t think to say anything.  It looked like a little black puppy.  Joey saw it run out and slammed on the breaks but it had been snowing all day so instead of stopping we just kept sliding.  I heard a loud thud, then what felt like the tires of the car rolling over something and as far as I was concerned there was no way that dog was still alive.  My kneejerk reaction was to burst into hysterical tears.  Joey wouldn’t let me get out of the car to look.

Fortunately, the dog was not underneath our tires.  A neighbor happened to be outside and saw the whole thing.  He didn’t know who the dog belonged to but he saw it run off and there was no blood in the snow.  We drove around looking for it for a while but couldn’t even find any tracks.  Then, when we were driving home on Wednesday night, we saw a little black dog in the gated yard on the other side of the street.  It looked like it had slight limp so we’re 95% sure it’s the same dog.  I’m so thankful we didn’t crush the poor thing and it seems to be mostly okay.  I’m 100% certain I’d never like to experience anything like that again.

And on that happy note… Have a good weekend!

4 thoughts on “Best Moments of the Week… & the Worst

  1. Oh my gosh, my HEART!! I’m so glad the little thing made it! I still remember the first time I hit something with my car…a bird…feathers went everywhere…and so did the tears!

    On a lighter note, sounds like your wedding is going to be delicious…I mean FUN! 😉 Mmm, crab cakes! I’m with ya on the coffee thing! But I do think I’ve found a good middle ground…ONE cup of half caff is as much as I can tolerate in an 8 hour period without feeling like I’m going to jump out of my skin!

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