Weekend Things

This weekend killed me.  But in a good way?  Death by weekend happiness, or something!  And tell me, if you’re only 26, is it too early to have already had the top night of your life?  Because last night, I ate coriander-crusted lamb, fried chicken & buffalo sauce, wild mushroom risotto, Brussels sprouts & squash and a green-chile cheddar biscuit then went to the most amazing concert at Larimer Lounge.  And I got to do it all with my best friends.  Does it get any better than that?!


Rewinding back to Friday when my mom and I had a dinner date for Denver Restaurant Week!  We’d never gone together, so I made reservations at D Bar (remember when we had an amazing cake tasting there?!) and to say I was excited would be a huge understatement.



True Story: Whenever I go somewhere that has rave Yelp reviews, I’m always kind of skeptical.  Can it really be as good as everyone says?  I’m VERY HAPPY to report that D Bar did NOT disappoint.  I was blown away by how good everything was!  I think my personal favorite was how cute my mom was my shrimp and grits entrée, but also how cute my mom was.  She’s holding up PRE-DESSERT in that picture.  I didn’t even know that was a thing, but I’d like more of it in my life.  We had such a fun night!


First things first on Saturday… COFFEE!  We walked over to Huckleberry to refill on fresh coffee beans, then came home and brewed it up.  I think we’re finally getting that Chemex routine down and who knew how exciting it would be to watch fresh coffee bloom.  I went on a run a couple of hours later and even though it felt hard, I’m so ready for more outdoor running.



We spent the afternoon with my nephew, putting together a skateboard!  Look, I don’t know the first thing about what 7-year-old boys think is cool, but I thought the whole experience was really cool.  In fact, I think I’ll make my own skateboard next weekend 🙂  He went with that Rasta color theme and it turned out awesome.  We obviously had to stand in line for Little Man Ice Cream afterwards because it was right next to the skateboard shop.


Nighttime activities included this Slow-Cooked Salmon from Bobby Flay and Apollo 13, followed by Saturday Night Live.  I told Joey that I loved our little Saturday night in.  Cooking myself a fancy fish dinner and enjoying it in my sweats is definitely on the list of things that make me happiest in life.  Also: CAPERS.  P.S. Please let me never have to go into outer space.  Just watching them put on those space suits made me feel claustrophobic.




I woke up in bad mood on Sunday, for some reason, but then I made coffee & pancakes and turned the TV on to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and it turned everything around, for real.  We spent the afternoon brewing beer — that’s by far the greenest wort I’ve ever seen! — and I also snuck in another run and some yoga.  I’ve been practicing my dolphin pose a lot lately.  Oh and I made our lunch salads for the week and it’s one of our favorites, so I’m extra excited.




But guys, seriously, that concert.  Where do I even start?  We had talked Kaleo up so much to Hannah and Josh that I was kind of nervous that they wouldn’t live up to all our hype (which I also totally thought was going to happen last time when I took Jenn and my sister to see them), but no, THEY KILLED IT.  After the opening band finished, I made an aggressive push towards the front because I was bound and determined to have a good view and even though my eardrums are probably burst now, it was so so worth it.  JJ’s voice is UNREAL.  Seriously, I turned to Joey so many times and said “is this real?!”  It’s not even fair how well he can sing.  And whistle!

Joey and I waited around after the show to get a photo with the band and then I was ready to just go hop on the tour bus and become an official band groupie, but I decided I should probably just go home and go to bed instead.  They’re coming back to Denver in June and Joey and I were thinking we probably didn’t need to see them again, but then we went home and immediately bought tickets.

Like I said, death by weekend happiness!

5 thoughts on “Weekend Things

  1. I would like to eat every single thing featured in this post, please. (Really shouldn’t have read this before eating dinner! Oh well, at least I wasn’t at the grocery store, then I would definitely over-purchase.) I’m so glad you had a great death-by-weekend! Honestly, not a bad way to go. 😉

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