Married Life

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A couple of months ago, someone asked me, “So does your relationship feel different now that you’re married?”  And it wasn’t until the word “yes” automatically popped out of my mouth, that I realized it was true.  And I’ll be honest, it’s kind of hard to explain exactly how it’s different, but it is.  When I relayed that same question to Joey later that day, his automatic response was “no,” (though he later decided it is) and I can’t say I blame him because on the surface, it’s mostly the same.

We already loved each other, we were already committed to each other, we already lived together.  None of that stuff went away with marriage (obviously), but the difference I’m talking about is much more subtle.  It’s like a shift in mentality more than anything.  Like we are more on the same brainwave about our relationship.  Or that daily decisions (instead of just big decisions) have shifted further away from being just about ME and more about US.  Is this making any sense?  Is anyone still listening?

At the risk of sounding like Joey and I have now morphed into one person who cannot do things independent of one another (so not the case), I’ll just say that our relationship feels that much more special.  The bond we have feels sacred.  And our relationship might also be that much weirder.  Or is it normal to go see the musical version of Cinderella then try to reenact some of the dance moves together in your living room when you get home?  Don’t answer that.


It only felt right to post sappy married people stuff the day before Valentine’s Day.  Have a good weekend!

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